Two players, three assistant coaches ejected during Stanford-Cal scuffle

Continuing our week of both players and coaches losing their cool during college basketball games, we now have a scuffle between Stanford and Cal that resulted in five ejections. With five minutes left in the game, a battle for a loose ball quickly turned bad when players from both teams began pushing and shoving. Eventually, […]

Dwight Howard clarifies his comments about Magic teammates, says he meant they were the underdogs

Not surprisingly, the backlash from Dwight Howard calling his Orlando teammates, “a team full of people nobody wanted” has come. Jameer Nelson criticized Howard about his comments and said that he needs to “take ownership” of the things he says in the media. Now, JJ Reddick, another teammate of Howard has chimed in. Reddick told […]

Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin teamed up for a between the legs, windmill alley-oop

That title is a bit confusing for allow us to explain. After a steal, Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin get out on a fast break. And from there Crawford goes between his legs, tosses up an alley-oop which Griffin windmill dunks. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Jameer Nelson criticizes Dwight Howard for his comments about Magic teammates

In a two part interview with Kristine Leahy of KCAL-TV in L.A, Dwight Howard opened up about his newly stained reputation, the trials of his first season in LA, and his pending free agency. But the comments that got everyone’s attention were those about his former Orlando Magic teammates.

Spring practice has begun at South Carolina and Steve Spurrier is shirtless

It’s a yearly ritual. Steve Spurrier, shirtless at South Carolina spring practice. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Spurrier was once again photographed at spring practice shirtless. [Reddit]

Phil Jackson is mentoring Dwight Howard

Here’s some good news for Lakers fans: Dwight Howard has a mentor. And here’s some even better news for Lakers fans: Dwight Howard is being mentored by former Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

Missouri coach Frank Haith had to be restrained from going after Arkansas coach Mike Anderson

Apparently last night was the night for tempers to flare around college basketball. In South Bend, Notre Dame and St. John’s ended their game with a brawl. And in Columbia, Missouri coach Frank Haith had to be restrained from going after Arkansas coach Mike Anderson. This was the first time Anderson had been back in […]

Here’s a Stephen A. Smith tweet that probably that should have been a DM

What you see above is a tweet from our old friend Stephen A. Smith. As you can see, this certainly seems like a tweet that was supposed to consumer one lucky person he calls ‘Baby’ and not by all of his followers. Amazingly, the tweet has not been deleted. But we’ll just chalk that up […]

Atlanta Falcons have reportedly joined the pursuit of Darrelle Revis

According to a report from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Darrelle Revis has played his last game for the New York Jets. Mehta even went as far as to state that he’s been told the Jets owner Woody Johnson “never had any intention of giving Revis a long-term deal after his acrimonious […]

DeMarcus Cousins got into a shouting match with a fan last night

No one doubts that DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most talented big men in the NBA. No one also doubts that DeMarcus Cousins is just a little crazy. How else can someone manage to get ejected at halftime? To make matters worse, he plays for a horrible team that may or may not be […]