Some Redskins fans have jumped off the Robert Griffin III bandwagon and onto the Kirk Cousins bandwagon

The Redskins are 0-2 and in both games, Robert Griffin III played the same way: horribly in the 1st half only to recover in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, the Redskins have been unable to overcome Griffin III’s horrible play in the 1st half and that’s why they’re winless at the moment.

Live from the message boards: Texas fans say it’s over for Mack Brown

Every week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase in handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the Texas Longhorns fanbase after yet another loss, this time to Ole Miss. And in their minds, it’s over for Mack Brown.

Vikings receiver coach likens Greg Jennings’s transition from Green Bay to Minnesota to going from a mansion to an apartment

Vikings receiver coach George Stewart spoke candidly to the Star Tribune about the lack of big plays in the passing game during the Vikings’ 34-24 loss to the Lions. In the midst of Stewart’s candid assessment, he also provided a few entertaining analogies when it came to his wide receivers.

Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan celebrated Sunday’s win by buying a round at New Orleans bar

Rob Ryan coaching in New Orleans is perfect on many levels: the hair, the “I don’t give a F” attitude. But the most perfect thing about Ryan coaching in New Orleans is the fact that Ryan is just a regular dude that just so happens to coach football. For example, while other Saints players and […]

Get ready for ‘Johnny Cam’, a CBS camera that will focus solely on Johnny Manziel

CBS kicks off its SEC coverage on Saturday just in time to bring us Texas A&M vs. Alabama. And if you thought CBS couldn’t trump the coverage surrounding this game and Johnny Manziel, by were you mistaken.

College Football Week 2 Retrospection: Where Mack Brown is in self-preservation mode

Week 2 of the college football season is in the books and things aren’t looking too good for two high profile coaches. It’s time for some retrospection.

Jerry Jones accuses the Giants of faking injuries

With more and more teams beginning to utilize up-tempo offenses in the NFL, faking injuries to slow teams down has become hot topic. Just last week, Brian Urlacher came out and admitted that the Bears designated a players each game to fake an injury to slow down the opposing offense. And now, Cowboys owner Jerry […]

A fan fell from an elevated walkway and died at 49ers-Packers game

From the AP: “ A football fan fell to his death from an elevated pedestrian walkway Sunday at Candlestick Park during the 49ers’ final season opener at the San Francisco stadium, police said. The death came just after kickoff at about 1:30 p.m. in the 49ers’ 34-28 win over Green Bay, police said, and multiple […]

Live from the message boards: Florida fans think it’s time to pull the plug

Every week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase in handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the Florida Gators fanbase after an unexpected loss to Miami. And in their opinion, it’s time to pull the plug on the Will Muschamp era.

NFL GMs are reportedly paying close attention to how Kevin Sumlin is handling Johnny Manziel

There are some that think that once Johnny Manziel bolts College Station for the NFL, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin will follow him out the door. Not because Sumlin doesn’t want to coach an Aggie team without Manziel, but because many think he’s a surefire NFL coach. While it’s been well documented that NFL GMs […]