The Colts can sign Andrew Luck as early as Friday

Andrew Luck

If you were hoping for drama on draft night in regards to the number one pick, there are now two reasons why it won’t be happening.  The first one is the obvious one. The Colts are drafting Andrew Luck and that’s final. The second one isn’t so obvious.  In fact, it isn’t obvious at all.  […]

Now you too can smell like the New York Yankees


I know you have many questions about all this so I will try to answer as many as I can up front. No, I don’t (and you shouldn’t either) know what the New York Yankees smell like. Yes, that bottle of cologne with the Yankees logo on it is real. No, I don’t know anyone […]

Brady Quinn apologizes for telling us how he really feels about Tim Tebow


The moment the GQ article where Brady Quinn said some not so nice things about Tim Tebow hit the internet, the countdown began for Quinn to either apologize or say he was misquoted. Quinn did both on his Twitter page yesterday afternoon.

Dana White calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. a racist


UFC president Dana White took time out of his busy schedule to give his opinion on Floyd Mayweather Jr.. As you know, White doesn’t pull many punches and typically says what’s on his mind. So the fact that  White called Mayweather a racist on last night’s episode of “UFC Tonight” in response to Mayweather’s comments […]

Brace yourself for Mike Tyson’s Vegas one-man show


In news that can’t possibly end well, Mike Tyson has signed on for a one-man reality show on the Las Vegas strip called, “Confessions”. Now take a moment to let this sink in. Mike Tyson. On the Las Vegas strip. Doing a reality show called “Confessions”. There is just no possible way this ends well.  […]

Roy Halladay helped rescue a naked man that was attacked by a giant snake in the Amazon


Back in January, there was a story floating around about Roy Halladay being part of a fishing expedition that helped tow a naked man’s boat.  From there, the story got twisted and all of a sudden, Halladay was said to have been wrestling giant snakes in the Amazon. While a “Roy Halladay was wrestling giant […]

Brady Quinn tells us how he really feels about Tim Tebow


It was only a matter of time. You knew that a teammate or ex-teammate would come up with a bitter take on Tim Tebow’s breakout(?) season. We just didn’t know who that would be. Well, Brady Quinn proved to be that someone in Michael Silver’s GQ piece that was supposed to give us a glimpse […]

And here’s Oklahoma coach Jay Norvell offering a recruit a full scholarship on Twitter


It’s not every day that we get to go behind the scenes on what goes on in the world of recruiting.  But luckily for us, Oklahoma assistant coach Jay Norvell gave us a glimpse of what really goes down in recruiting on his Twitter page. It was there that Norvell fired off tweet after tweet […]

Tom Brady and Wes Welker have obviously put that Super Bowl drop behind them


Here we have Tom Brady with wife Gisele Bundchen vacationing in Costa Rica with non other than Wes Welker and his girlfriend, Anna Burns.  So it looks like all is well between Brady and Welker after Welker couldn’t catch a pass that essentially wins the Super Bowl for the Patriots. Or Brady couldn’t throw an […]

Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera fell in love at first sight


Any doubts that Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers’ new toy Prince Fielder would not get along have been dispelled by the duo’s reported “instant connection”.   Fielder showed up four days before spring training, brought along his big bat, hung out with his new teammates in the clubhouse, and even stayed after practice and signed hundreds […]