Bud Selig will retire following the 2014 season

From Jon Heyman of CBS Sports: “Bud Selig will today announce formally he’s retiring, effective in January 2015”

Fan wins 80-inch TV thanks to the Miami Hurricanes dropping 77 on Savannah State

While the pundits wring their hands over how it’s a travesty that FBS schools schedule small FCS schools to hold a glorified scrimmage, the University of Miami and Savannah State are perfectly happy with their 77-0 affair from Saturday. On Miami’s end, they got a W and were able to get younger players some game […]

Jim Brown calls the Browns’ decision to trade Trent Richardson ‘a brilliant move’

Jim Brown has made his opinion on former Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson quiet clear. Shortly before the Browns drafted Richardson #3 overall in the 2011 draft, Brown was adamant that he was not onboard with the Browns picking Richardson, mainly because he believed that Richardson was just “ordinary”. Brown then attempted to clarify […]

Here’s how a reportedly awkward meeting between Alex Rodriguez and Hank Aaron went

From Page Six: “A spy said Rodriguez was dining at Nobu when he spotted Aaron at a nearby table. A-Rod approached and said to true hero Hammerin’ Hank, “Mr. Aaron, I just wanted to introduce myself. I think about you every day when I play. You’re an inspiration to me.” (In case Aaron didn’t know […]

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney is in favor of letting players skip college and go straight to the pros

While everyone wants to debate whether or not student athletes should be paid for their services, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney wants no part of it. Instead Delaney is in favor of ending the debate once and for all by giving student athletes the choice of which path they want to go down.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are offering free beer if you buy a ticket to Sunday’s game

The Jacksonville Jaguars are done asking Jaguars fans to come out to support the team just on the merits of being fans. Because frankly, that hasn’t been working for years. Instead, they’ve decided to plaster the landing page above on their website to entice fans to come out for Sunday’s game against the Colts by […]

Bud Selig thinks Oakland’s stadium ‘is a pit’ and Tampa’s attendance numbers are ‘disgraceful’

A cranky Bud Selig joined the John Feinstein show on Wednesday to discuss a few things and refuse to discuss others. Of course, on the list of things he chose not to discuss is the appealed suspension of Alex Rodriguez. Which would have been a quote gold mine seeing as though how cranky he was […]

The Arizona Cardinals are working on a special foam finger in honor of Rashad Johnson’s finger

If you’re unaware of what happened to one of Rashad Johnson fingers on Sunday, go here for the details and here for the visual that is sure to turn your stomach.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers bench Josh Freeman

From ESPN: “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have decided to bench quarterback Josh Freeman for rookie Mike Glennon, according to league sources. The Bucs are making the change now because they feel it is beneficial for Glennon with the bye week coming after Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, team sources told ESPN. He can start […]

Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade spar on Twitter after Durant says James Harden is better than Wade

With NBA training camps on the horizon, Sports Illustrated named its ranking of NBA players. During an interview with Cine Sport, Kevin Durant was read the top 10 which of course had LeBron James at #1 and himself at #2. Durant was fine with the majority of the top 10, but thought that the list […]