Urban Meyer hangs with WWE wrestler Goldust

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and his family was invited to a live WWE show by wrestler Titus O’Neal, who was a former player under Meyer at Florida. WWE tag team champion Goldust took a picture with Meyer also declaring who his favorite team is as well. [@DUSTIN_RHODES1]

Michael Crabtree reportedly tried to fight Richard Sherman at a charity event last summer

So apparently the dislike between Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman goes well beyond anything that happened on the field Sunday night. Instead, the dislike reportedly goes back to last summer.

Alabama freshman Tony Brown arrested after only being on campus for two weeks

Alabama cornerback Tony Brown was arrested Saturday night and was charged with  failure to obey and resisting arrest. Brown, who enrolled early to compete for playing time next season was released on $1,500 yesterday. Here is what The Tuscaloosa Police Department released about the arrest.

Richard Sherman goes on postgame rant after win over the 49ers, follows it up with Twitter exchange with Michael Crabtree

Self-proclaimed best corner in the league came up huge on the 49ers final drive by tipping a ball in the air in the end zone intended for Michael Crabtree which was intercepted. The play clinched the Seahawks’ 23-17 win and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Herschel Walker thinks Jason Garrett is best suited to be an offensive coordinator

Despite yet another disappointing end to the season, the Dallas Cowboys have decided to stand pat for the most part. And while some were looking for a shakeup, particularly at the head coaching spot, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt that it was not necessary.

Charlie Strong lays down his rules and expectations at Texas

Since Charlie Strong has accepted the Texas job, he has been preaching how the program needs toughness. Well, Strong met with the team and shared his rules and expectations and he got them down in writing. Looking from 1-10 on Strong’s list makes me think that he is not playing around.

Roger Goodell envisions a time where medical marijuana could be used to treat injuries in the NFL

We can all agree the NFL’s biggest issue is concussions and how they are handled. But a much smaller issue that is on the rise is marijuana use by its players. Though not a new issue, it has recently become a much more visible as former players like Lomas Brown throw out significant percentages of […]

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero are back at it again

If you recall the build up to the Mayweather vs Guerrero match last year, then you remember that the beef between the two fighters fathers was also must see tv. Now since then they have reunited for a phootshoot, once again both men get into an altercation and both men had to be restrained. Take […]

Louisville fan takes love for team a little too far

We all have favorite teams that we root for and we all have our way of showing it. But this guy who is a Louisville fan took his love for his team to a different level. It amazes me how some people can really do this to themselves. Wonder how long will it take this […]

Here are the 2014 NBA All-Star jerseys

Here they all. And would you look at that, they have sleeves. The jerseys were first posted to the internet by Basket4Ballers.com and were confirmed by UniWatch earlier today. Now let’s all gather around and wait for the backlash that’s coming about sleeved All-Star game jerseys. [Eye on Basketball]