Florida Gulf Coast is looking for donations to help keep Andy Enfield

Florida Gulf Coast’s magical ride into the Sweet Sixteen has spawned lots of celebration, the moniker Dunk City, Florida, and a Dunk City anthem. All that is well and good, but there is a downside to all of this for Florida Gulf Coast. And that downside involves their head coach Andy Enfield.

Dwight Howard says he and Kobe Bryant aren’t best friends, but they’re now on the same page

The issues between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant have been well documented around these parts. But lately, the two have been on a crusade to downplay their issues. Kobe says the media has manufactured the issue and now Howard claiming that there really aren’t any problems between the two.

Someone put Valparaiso gear on Michigan State’s Spartan statue last night

Michigan State and Valparaiso are squaring off in the round of 64 as we speak. But the action started last night on Michigan State’s campus.

Norway’s biathlon team is under investigation for flashing female opponents

Here’s an interesting sentence: Norway’s biathlon team is apparently under investigation for flashing female opponents in an attempt to distract them.

Chris Johnson isn’t exactly looking forward to splitting carries with Shonne Greene

Chris Johnson is relatively happy with the moves the Titans are making this offseason. So much so that he told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that, “It looks like we’re getting some good players, and I see they are trying to get the offensive line right. I am pretty happy.”

Tiger Woods decided to go public with his relationship with Lindsey Vonn to stick it to the paparazzi

On Monday, Tiger Woods decided to announce to the world that he and Lindsey Vonn were dating by posting Glamour shots and releasing a statement about the relationship on his Facebook page. Historically, this is not a Tiger Woods move. The old Tiger Woods would do everything in his power to keep each and every […]

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: West Region

This region seems to be the most wide open region in tournament. By our count, there are as many as five teams that have a legitimate chance to win the region. We’ll walk you through it all.

Cleveland fan runs onto the court, shakes LeBron James’ hand

In the middle of a 48-14 run where the Miami Heat came back from a 27 point deficit, a fan decided that it was time for him to get involved. So he ran out onto the court wearing a t-shirt with a special message for LeBron James.

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: East Region

By all accounts, this is easily the weakest region in tournament. It seems as though Indiana and Miami are on a collision course in the Elite Eight, but there’s also other games to pick. We’ll do that now.

Report: Syracuse basketball program under NCAA investigation for ‘major’ violations

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports is reporting that the NCAA has been investigation the Syracuse basketball program “for years” and that the school has “received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA.” According to Dodd, the violations are said to be “both major and wide ranging.” The violations also spread to the Syracuse football […]