Floyd Mayweather cashes in on Kentucky vs Florida


We all know that Mayweather has plenty of money so he has to spend it on something. After a rumor saying he lost $1 million on the Duke/UNC game, Mayweather decided to bet on Kentucky against Florida. Well Kentucky ended up winning yesterday and Mayweather is cashing out. And that is the winning ticket he […]

Brian McKnight’s son is told to “take that s*#% off your head” before singing the National Anthem at NASCAR Race


There a couple of questions that come to mind about all this. 1) Whose idea was it to have Brian McKnight sing the National Anthem at a NASCAR event? 2) Why would Brian McKnight bring his sons to help him sing the National Anthem at a NASCAR event? 3) Why does on his sons feel the […]

NFL reportedly considering significant suspensions for Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, Mickey Loomis, and players for bounty program


When this story broke Friday afternoon, we speculated that Goodell might come down hard on the Saints for the bounty program they ran while Gregg Williams was the defensive coordinator. Then came word that Williams had done something similar in Washington and we were sure that Goodell would make an example out of the Saints. […]

Florida Gators fans came up with a chant guide for their game against Kentucky


We all know that college fans can come up with many crazy things but, this was too funny. Apparently, Florida fans came up with a guide of what to chant for situations and for certain players. Here is the guide that I’m talking about:

And here’s video of supposedly Peyton Manning throwing at Duke


ESPN says this is real. All we know right now that a player in a #18 jersey that looks and moves like Peyton Manning is in this video throwing pretty well. The video seems to be shot by someone who shouldn’t be shooting it, but since the video has not be taken down as of […]

Washington Redskins also ran a bounty program under Gregg Williams


An ugly story is quickly turning uglier as the Washington Post is reporting that the Redskins ran a similar bounty program to injure players while Gregg Williams was their defensive coordinator.

New Orleans Saints ran a bounty program to injure players


The news flying out of New Orleans today is hot and heavy. None hot and heavier than the NFL’s announcement that they have been investigating the New Orleans Saints for a bounty program to injure players under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. But that’s not all. The NFL’s investigation found Gregg Williams wasn’t running this program […]

Brett Favre finally found time to join Twitter


He’s gonna be like a kid on there. Just hoping he tweets pictures of his house and it really looks like this. Via @brettfavre4

Report: Drew Brees turned down “highest-paid contract in NFL history”

Super Bowl Football

There is a Yahoo! story from yesterday afternoon that indicated that Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints where $5 million apart during contract negotiations. To make matters worse, in the same report, GM Mickey Loomis is said to have recently called Drew Brees “very good” in response to Brees being called “great” But just […]

Some Eagles players think the organization is trying to keep DeSean Jackson’s numbers

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles slapped the franchise on DeSean Jackson earlier this week and Jackson is saying all the right things in regards to the move. Likewise, the Eagles as an organization is saying all the right things about Jackson’s long term future in Philly, but according to Philly.com, some of Jackson’s teammates are leery of an […]