Another Disgraced Cyclist Accuses Lance Armstrong Of Steroid Use

File photo of Lance Armstrong in Visalia

[text-box]As reported by the AP, retired cyclist Tyler Hamilton has come forward and admitted to his use of steroids, or PED’s, while an active cyclist. He’s also indicated that seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong injected EPO/steroids on several occasions. Hamilton has been stripped of medals and banned from the sport twice due to […]

Report: “Macho Man” Randy Savage Has Died In A Car Accident


[text-box]Sad news for anyone who has ever been a wrestling fan. TMZ is reporting that “Macho Man” Randy  Savage has died in a car accident. TMZ spoke with Randy’s brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack while he was behind the wheel around 10 AM … and lost control […]

Jerry West To Join The Golden State Warriors


[text-box]No, he won’t be the GM. No, he won’t be the assistant GM. And no, he won’t be in any position that you’ve ever heard of. The role he will assume is said to be a “non-decision-making, advisory role”. Which in layman’s terms means, he’ll be standing in the tunnel of every game and getting […]

And Here’s The Boston Bruins’ Billboard That Caused Tampa Bay Lightning Fans To Resort To Death Threats

bruins ad tampa bay lightning fans loch ness monster big foot

If attendance at Buccaneers and Rays games gave any indication, one would think that Tampa Bay fans aren’t exactly serious about their professional teams. That may be true, but as the bandwagon fills up for the Lightning, it’s definitely not true at the moment. And these Lightning fans are prepared to go to whatever lengths […]

Let’s Start The Day With Andre Ethier Flipping Off Photographers

Andre Ethier flips the bird to photographers

Andre Ethier decided to spice up batting practice on Monday by treating photographers and a few onlookers to a “bird flipping” exhibition. Obviously, the pictures have surfaced and Ethier is now forced to explain his actions. Which he did by blaming those annoying photographers, naturally.

Grant Hill Is Catching Heat For Appearing In Anti-Gay Commercial


Grant Hill just can’t catch a break these days. I know by now you all have seen the commercial with Hill and teammate Jared Dudley explaining how unfair it is to use the word gay when playing basketball. Even though Hill might have thought he was doing the right thing, let’s just say everybody wasn’t […]

If Oakland Raiders’ Employees Want To Keep Their Current Salary, They Better Sell Some Season Tickets

al davis

The current lockout is taking its toll around the league.  Just ask the Oakland Raiders.  Or more importantly, the employees of the Oakland Raiders.  Back on March 11,which is the night this lockout nightmare began, the organization gathered them all in a room to provide them with the doom and gloom of the financial outlook […]

Let’s Watch Clemson And Davidson Take A Rain Delay Where No Other Rain Delay Has Ever Been Taken

Yeah, that FAU, Western Kentucky rain delay video was great. And yeah, that Radford, High Point rain delay video was even better. But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to what Clemson and Davidson is about to show you. I mean, this just won’t be topped. Unless of course, until it is. And boy do […]

Looks Like Jared Lorenzen Is Still Eating Good


[text-box]Jared Lorenzen has always been a big guy even going back to his college days at Kentucky. He also had a strong arm to go along with that big body. Lorenzen now plays for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in the Ultimate Indoor Football League. And as you can see, Lorenzen has put on a […]

Let’s Start The Day With The Woman Who Flashed Ben Eager While He Was In The Penalty Box

Woman Flashes Ben Eager

You’ve read the title. You see the picture. So there’s not much more to add here. Well, other than the video. Which, of course, is not safe for work.