Here's the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo nearly running all the way to the Bucks arena

Rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a very pleasant surprise for a struggling Milwaukee Bucks team. But his play on the basketball court isn’t the only thing that people are talking about. Giannis made headlines showing off his soccer skills earlier this month and now we have yet another item to add to his legend.

Taj Gibson thinks Mike Dunleavy is gangster

Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy are teammates for the surging Chicago Bulls. The two men came from two completely different circles. Gibson is from Brooklyn and attended USC while Dunleavy is from Oregon and attended Duke. But according to Gibson, the two men formed a bond way before Dunleavy came to Chicago.

Adam Vinatieri: The NFL is trying to minimize the importance of kickers

From the collegiate level to the professional level, fans have a love-hate relationship with kickers. We love them when they hit a big field goal and hate them when they miss them. Kickers have come to grips with this, but now they potentially have another issue they are will have to deal with.

Gregg Popovich occasionally tells his team, ‘I've got nothing for you’ during timeouts

Gregg Popovich has always been known for his straight forward approach. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and he’s not afraid to get on his star players when they’re not playing like he expects them to. It’s one of the main reason why he is one of the most respected coach in the NBA […]

Pat Riley says Caron Butler wanted a role that the Heat could not give him

After having his contract bought out by the Milwaukee Bucks, Caron Butler signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. But before that deal was accepted, the Miami Heat and their players had interest in Butler. And from all indications, he was interested in the Heat as well. Well according to Miami Heat president Pat Riley, Butler […]

Charles Barkley: I’d never work for ESPN, they manufacture stories

I don’t have to tell you that Charles Barkley rarely holds his tongue. Whether it’s spilling the beans about breaking NCAA rules to recruit Dirk Nowitzki to Auburn or how he hates the Miami Heat and their fans, Barkley speaks his mind.

Dan Patrick thinks John Calipari’s tenure at Kentucky is coming to an end

This season has been a tough one for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. After bringing in the #1 recruiting class this past season,Wildcats fans were thinking of another National Championship. Now they’re just hoping that they can hold on to a projected 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Guz Malzahn doesn't want Nick Marshall to work with George Whitfield

For the past couple of years, many star college quarterbacks have spent part of their off-season training with QB guru George Whitfield. According to reports, Auburn’s Nick Marshall was going to follow suit and  work with Whitfield this off-season. And those reports have apparently caught the attention of Auburn head coach Guz Malzahn.

The NFL is considering 43-yard extra points

The NFL is trying to figure out what to do with extra points. Roger Goodell threw out the possibility of abolishing them outright back in January, but that idea didn’t get much traction.Now the NFL Competition Committee is attempting to tackle the issue and they’ve come up with the idea of making the attempts longer.

Anquan Boldin says there is no rift between players and Jim Harbaugh

For the past few weeks, rumors have been floating around that key players and top people in the 49ers organization are having problems with Jim Harbaugh.