No one was voted into Baseball Hall of Fame for 2013

Baseball writers saw it fit that no one would be voted into Baseball Hall of Fame for 2013. Craig Biggio was the closest to getting in garnering 388 of the needed 427 votes. As for the perceived steroids users, Roger Clemens led the way with 214 votes followed by Barry Bonds with 206 votes , […]

Maloofs reportedly finalizing an agreement to sell Sacramento Kings to Seattle ownership group

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Maloof family has agreed to sell the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle ownership group led by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen.

Steve Nash says there’s no guarantee that things will get better in Los Angeles this season

Reality is slowly beginning to set in for the Lakers. Firing Mike Brown wasn’t the answer, Kobe and Dwight are fighting on and off the court, and the floundering Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs.

MLB had to spend $1.2 million to secure

Until recently when you typed in into a browser, it sent you to a website built specifically to promote the Canadian Rockies. Which makes perfect sense, we guess. But if you were a Colorado Rockies fan or even looking for stats or information on the Rockies, it didn’t make sense that when you typed […]

Robert Griffin III’s father says son had surgery on ‘intact’ ACL

Robert Griffin II, the father of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, confirmed to USA Today that Griffin underwent surgery on Wednesday on both his LCL and ACL.

Jermaine O’Neal somehow got a layup stuck on the rim

Here are few things you may or may not have known about Suns veteran Jermaine O’Neal: He is still in the NBA. He actually gets minutes in the NBA. 16 of them to be exact And despite being 6-11, he was actually able to get the ball stuck on the rim while attempting a layup.

Make no mistake about it, Brent Musburger loves AJ McCarron’s girlfriend

With Alabama already up 14-0 on Notre Dame BCS Championship Game, Brent Musburger decided to turn his attention to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb. And for Musburger, that means saying things like, “what a beautiful woman, wow!” Then following it up with a “Whoa!”

Dan Shaughnessy calls Texans ‘fradulent’ in his column; Arian Foster uses it as his Twitter avatar

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy obviously decided that his Monday column had to get people talking. And maybe even thrust himself in the conversation for Sunday’s Divisional round game between the Patriots and Texans.

Gregg Popovich thinks food and drinks shouldn’t be ordered court-side during games

Gregg Popovich doesn’t like many things. He doesn’t like using the word “Happy” during basketball games. He doesn’t like that there is a 3-point line. And he doesn’t like the fact that food and drinks can be ordered court-side during games. Especially since Stephen Jackson was injured after running into a waitress taking an order […]

Richard Sherman told Trent Williams to ‘Swing!’ after Sunday’s Wildcard game and that’s what he did

Following the Seahawks’ 24-14 Wildcard win over the Redskins on Sunday, FOX cameras caught Redskins tackle Trent Williams swinging on Seahawks corner Richard Sherman. At the time, no one knew why Williams seemingly took an unprovoked swing at Sherman, but a rather talkative Sherman explained the altercation to USA Today after the dust had settled.