Mike Krzyzewski reportedly traded f-bombs with a Virginia fan before heading to the locker room last night

Duke was upset by Virginia 73-68 in Charlottesville last night. Predictably, Virginia fans stormed the court and predictably Mike Krzyzewski was pissed about it. And of course after the game, Krzyzewski took the time to inform us that he was bothered by what he called, “the lack of protection for his players and coaches.”

How bad have things gotten for Manti Te’o? The Jets are even afraid to draft him

Depending on whom you ask, the draft stock of Manti Te’o is either dropping like a rock or holding steady. Adam Schefter thinks Te’o won’t last past the first round. In contrast, Mark May: NFL Draft pundit thinks he’ll go mid to late second round at best.

D-Leaguer puts much taller D-Leaguer on a poster

Here are the particulars: Chris Roberts of the NBDL’s Austin Toros is 6-4. Will Foster of the NBDL’s Sioux Falls Skyforce is 7-5. Despite Roberts being almost a foot shorter than Foster, you’re about to see him sit on Foster’s neck.

Jay Paterno: Ironic tweet machine

Jay Paterno tweeted, and then deleted the tweet you see above. In an attempt to make a joke about infallible NCAA leader Mark Emmert, what he really did was remind everyone of his infallible father Joe Paterno.

Kansas fan wants the White House to stop Kansas from wearing new uniforms provided by Adidas

What you see above are the new “uniform systems” created by Adidas that six college teams–Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA, and Louisville–will wear during conference tournament play starting March 13. Now if we’re all honest about these “uniform systems”, we would all agree that they are bad. Really bad. But most of us can […]

Terrell Suggs says the 49ers were ‘catered’ to during the Super Bowl

Terrell Suggs is making the rounds saying controversial things. He joined “The Big Show” on WEEI and said he “guarantees the other 31 [NFL] teams hate the New England Patriots.” He then goes on and on about how players throughout the league tell stories of what’s wrong with the Patriots. Okay.

Banned soccer fans respond to ban by parachuting flares into the stadium

Turkish team Fenerbahçe was serving out a penalty imposed on them by UEFA where they were forced to play a match without their fans in attendance. The team itself complied completely with the ban, but Fenerbahçe supporters were obviously not too happy about it.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un: Friends for life

If you hadn’t heard Dennis Rodman is on a “tour” of North Korea. And apparently things are going swell. So swell that Rodman has taken a liken to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after the two took in an exhibition game in Pyongyang.

Wizards announcer mistakenly calls airball a game winning dagger

A last second three pointer from the corner by Wizards forward Trevor Ariza hit nothing but air last night in Wizards’ 96-95 loss to the Pistons. At first glance, the three seemed to have hit nothing but net and that’s exactly what Wizards play-by-play man Steve Buckhantz thought went he went into a celebratory calling […]

Vontae Davis claims he was hacked after tweet that would mean Chiefs are tampering with Sean Smith (UPDATE)

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis took to his Twitter account earlier today to inform his followers that he saw former teammate Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith last night and that Smith was talking to Kansas City. That would be all well and good besides the fact that under league rules, Smith can’t talk to another team because […]