Former NCAA enforcement director thinks Texas A&M should sit Johnny Manziel

As we quickly approach Texas A&M’s August 31 opener against Rice, the question everyone has is will Johnny Manziel play. If you ask Manziel’s cowboy hat wearing lawyer, Jim Darnell, Manziel will be playing.

Pete Rose says he picked the wrong vice, should’ve picked drugs

With everything going on in the world of baseball, everyone wants to hear what Pete Rose thinks of all of this. Because while players continue to get slaps on the wrist for taking PEDs, Rose remains banned from baseball for betting on the game.

The Yankees reportedly hand delivered a letter to Alex Rodriguez informing him that he was being fined by the team

Remember that report about Alex Rodriguez secretly going behind the Yankees’ back to get a second opinion about that quad strain he suffered in the minors. Well, turns out it was 100% true. And the Yankees were evidently pissed about it. So pissed that they reportedly fined Rodriguez more than $150,000.

Here’s 50-year-old Michael Jordan dunking a basketball in jeans

Michael Jordan held his annual Flight School camp in California over the weekend. And if meeting Michael Jordan wasn’t a big enough thrill for the young campers, playing with Jordan and even seeing him dunk a basketball had to take the cake.

Alex Rodriguez has hired a private-investigation firm to help him fight suspension

Alex Rodriguez vowed to fight any suspension that was levied upon him by MLB. And apparently, he’s gearing up to fight this to its ugly end.

Detroit Lions kicker Harvard Rugland, aka Kickalicious™, learned English by listening to Wu-Tang Clan

I’m sure you remember Kickalicious™. Or maybe you remember him by his government name Harvard Rugland. Or maybe you just remember him as the dude that kicks a football in unusual ways, in usual settings, for unusual results.

Mike Woodson is making JR Smith take the blonde coloring out of his hair

This picture of a blonde hair JR Smith from Beyond the Buzzer may be the only time you’ll get to see Smith with his blonde hairdo. Because frankly, Mike Woodson isn’t really feeling that look on Smith.

Johnny Manziel’s attorney, Jim Darnell predicts that Manziel won’t miss any games

The man in the cowboy hat on the left? His name is Jim Darnell. He’s the man fighting the NCAA for Johnny Manziel. And if his cowboy hat doesn’t convince you that he’s confident in his lawyerin’ skills, a recent interview with USA Today should do the trick.

Here’s Steve Spurrier shirtless (and shoeless) at South Carolina practice

Steve Spurrier has been pictured shirtless during a South Carolina practice. We can all get excited for college football now. [Kegs ‘n Eggs]

The NCAA doesn’t recognize Joe Paterno’s 400th victory, but that won’t stop them from profiting off of it

What you see above is a t-shirt that is being sold in the NCAA Shop store. The t-shirt is obviously celebrating Joe Paterno’s 400th victory at Penn State. The only problem is that the NCAA vacated that win as a part of the sanctions handed down for the Jerry Sandusky scandal. But obviously, none of […]