Jeopardy makes fun of Notre Dame for their performance in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game

January 7, 2013 is a day that all Notre Dame fans would like to forget. On that day, the Irish got took behind the woodshed by the Alabama Crimson Tide. Every joke that you could come up with was used that day and the day after about the Irish’s performance.

A Cleveland TV station decided to replay "The Decision" and it didn't go over so well in Cleveland

It’s been four years since LeBron James’s “Decision” that aired on ESPN. Now with reports that LeBron might be looking to return to Cleveland, fans in the city have been excited about their team again. For some odd reason, WEWS News Channel in Cleveland thought it would be a good idea to mark the 4-year anniversary […]

Butch Davis says the Buccaneers drafted Mark Barron to stop Jimmy Graham

While New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham is in the middle of a grievance hearing with his team off the field, other teams around the NFL are looking for ways to stop him on the field. One team who has to deal with Graham often is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Report: Mark Jackson's unwillingness to move to the Bay Area was a big issue for Golden State

We have heard multiple stories about why Golden State Warriors fired Mark Jackson a few months ago. We heard that Jackson and the Warriors front office wasn’t seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. Well one biggest issues was Jackson’s location.

Gordon Haywood could reunite with former coach in Boston

Utah Jazz forward Gordon Haywood has a number of teams vying for his services next year. There have been reports that multiple teams have considered offering Haywood a max contract. One of those teams is the Boston Celtics who might already have an advantage. According to reports, the Celtics have reached out to Haywood and […]

T.J. Ward says he left Cleveland because of the culture

I think we all can agree that lately the Cleveland Browns have had a history of losing. The team hopes that Johnny Manziel will be the player to spark a change for the organization. For Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward, that just wasn’t good enough. Ward played four seasons for the Browns and thought he […]

Report: Derrick Rose worked out for Carmelo Anthony to prove he is healthy

The NBA free agency period officially started on Tuesday and Carmelo Anthony has been on the move. The Chicago Bulls in most people’s minds are the favorite to land Anthony. Anthony was in Chicago yesterday to hear what the Bulls have planned if he were to sign with them. Anthony’s decision to join the Bulls […]

Jonathan Casillas says Josh McCown reminds him of Drew Brees

You can add Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Jonathan Casillas to the list of people who are impressed by his new teammate Josh McCown. Casillas has been watching McCown during OTA’s and doesn’t have anything but nice things to say about him. Casillas has been so impressed with McCown, he has even compared him to a former teammate.

The Jacksonville Jaguars send message to the Texans and Cowboys about their video boards

Last week, we told you how much money the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jacksonville taxpayers are putting up for renovations of EverBank Field. The Jaguars have also been telling us that they will have the world’s largest video board which is supposed to debut July 26. They especially want the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys […]

ESPN SVP is alarmed that more carriers haven't picked up the SEC Network

Justin Connolly is the Senior Vice President of Programming for college networks for ESPN. With the launch of the SEC Network only a few months away, Connolly is beginning to get nervous.