Somehow Jacob Tamme topped a poll about who fans love to hate the most

Most of the time, most fans hate players that are winning or very outspoken about any issue that is brought up. That’s why many hate New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman.

Teddy Bridgewater on Laquon Treadwell: He’s going to be big for this team

Throughout the NFL Draft process, there were many that thought Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell was the best at his position. There were talks that he could be drafted as early as the first ten picks.

Jim Mora to Josh Rosen: Who do you want to be, Johnny Manziel or Tom Brady?

UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora is very excited about his sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen. The highly touted quarterback did not disappoint last year as he lived up to the hype he came into school with.

Sixers GM: We have a good relationship with Ben Simmons

As many of you many know, the Philadelphia 76ers secured the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft last Tuesday. Many believe that the Sixers selection will come down to Duke’s Brandon Ingram and LSU’s Ben Simmons.

Tyronn Lue regrets not calling more plays for LeBron James in Game 3

On Saturday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered their first loss of the postseason on the road against the Toronto Raptors. One thing that stuck out in Game 3 was the amount of shot forward LeBron James took.

Nolan Carroll is still upset about the lack of offers during free agency

Going into free agency, many thought that Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Nolan Carroll would probably get a long-term contract from some team. But when it was all said and done, Carroll resigned with the Eagles on a one year deal.

Now that he is with the Chargers, Zach Mettenberger says the wind is back in his sails

When the Tennessee Titans drafted quarterback Marcus Mariota last year, many wondered what would happen Zach Mettenberger. After being Mariota’s backup in 2015, the Titans released Mettenberger to give him a chance to find a better situation.

After picking Tennessee to win the SEC East, Kirk Herbstreit was hearing it from Florida fans on Twitter

As we are getting closer to the start of the college football season, many analyst have started to give out their prediction for certain teams. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit did just that on Saturday when he tweeted that the he thinks the Tennessee Volunteers are the team to beat in the SEC East.

Brian Shaw reportedly close to joining Luke Walton’s staff

With the Golden State Warriors in pursuit of another championship, many have forgotten that Luke Walton will be with the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Besides securing the No. 2 pick for the NBA Draft in June, things have been very quiet on the Lakers front.

Derek Carr on Khalil Mack: He is going to sack the quarterback 30 times this season

Other than the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders have been one of the most talked about teams this offseason. After having one of the best offenses last season, the Raiders made plenty of moves to make their defense better.