Nebraska’s Tim Miles tweets during halftime of his team’s game against Minnesota


During halftime, most coaches go over what their team did good and what their team needs to improve on. Most coaches make sure that their players are still focused and are ready for the 2nd half. Well for Nebraska head coach Tim Miles, he had something else in mind.

Video: James Harden doesn’t believe Warriors are that good

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The Houston Rockets have been one of the top teams in the Western Conference this season. Shooting guard James Harden’s play has elevated him into the MVP discussion. But there is one thing that the Rockets have not been able to accomplish this season. The Rockets have not beaten the Golden State Warriors once this […]

Report: Alabama LB Ryan Anderson arrested for domestic violence


Domestic violence has been the topic of discussion since the Ray Rice situation. The NFL and other leagues have made it clear that there is no room for that type of behavior. Even college football is starting to take a strong stance with this as well. Now it looks like Alabama head coach Nick Saban […]

Dion Waiters on fitting in with the Thunder: ‘I actually, like, you know, touch the ball’

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dion Waiters is still adjusting to his new teammates. Waiters is also adjusting to a new offense. But you don’t hear any complaints from him because he feels like he is more involved in the offense with the Thunder.

Oklahoma mascot fired for harassing the wife of Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford

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We all know that rivalry games can be very emotional and intense. One good example of this is the Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Fans from both sides trash talk and sometimes it can get out of hand. Well one particular individual took the rivalry game a little too serious and now is […]

Reggie Wayne says he is unsure if he will retire or return to the Colts

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Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne knows he has a decision to make. After losing to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Sunday night, Wayne knew the question would come. Wayne is scheduled to become a free agent in March, but says he can’t seem himself playing for anyone else except the Colts.

Auburn fans should pay attention to what Dan Quinn does once he accepts the Atlanta Falcons job


I think most people expect the Atlanta Falcons to hire Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as their new head coach. Falcons fans will have to wait two weeks before an announcement is made, but it’s pretty much a done deal. While Falcons fans can now look to the future, the Auburn Tigers should be […]

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour apologizes for tweet regarding ‘409’ stickers


Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour got herself in hot water with Nittany Lions fans. The Nittany Lions hockey team wore “409” stickers in celebration of the NCAA ruling giving the late Joe Paterno his wins back. Barbour responded to a tweet about the stickers and said they were “inappropriate and insensitive”. Those comments did not go over very […]

Elton Brand says Doug Collins is the reason the Sixers drafted Evan Turner instead of DeMarcus Cousins


A lot of people have questioned the Philadelphia 76ers’ front office decision-making when it comes to the NBA draft. The team has been criticized plenty when it comes to the way they scout and evaluate elite talent. Now thanks to former Sixers Elton Brand, we have another reason to question the organization again.

Derrick Rose is beginning to get frustrated with the Bulls’ struggles


The Chicago Bulls are reeling right now after a blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls have lost six of the last eight games and now the team’s star player is beginning to get frustrated. Point guard Derrick Rose, who had 18 points, doesn’t understand what it wrong with his team.