Report: Sacramento Kings players have tuned out George Karl

Over the weekend it was reported that the Kings were strongly considering firing head coach head coach. After the initial report from The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, people began to dig and were able to even come up with a name to replace Karl in former King and assistant coach, Corliss Williamson.

The Denver Broncos are now 6-0 in games officiated by last night’s crew

Let’s start this with what we all know to be true. The Denver Broncos simply dominated the Carolina Panthers. They out game planned and outplayed the Panthers plain and simple. It was such a beating that Cam Newton couldn’t stomach sitting through his postgame press conference as he could hear the Broncos gloating.

Jared Dudley can’t believe he wasn’t invited to the three point shootout

Washington Wizards forward Jared Dudley has been a very popular man lately. His name has come up in trade talks to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are trying to return to the NBA Finals for a second straight year. But Dudley has a bigger issue he is dealing with right now. At this point in the […]

Remember when Skip Bayless claimed Derek Fisher would be a better coach than Steve Kerr?

As many of you may already know, the New York Knicks decided they needed a change and fired head coach Derek Fisher. It seemed like the players started to tune out Fisher and the result of that is a five game losing streak. Meanwhile, Steve Kerr who chose the Golden State Warriors over the Knicks […]

Orlando Magic reportedly not shopping Tobias Harris, but that hasn’t stopped them from listening to offers for him

The Orlando Magic have a lot of good young talent but for them to push this team to another level, they need to make some trades. One name that has constantly come up in trade talks is forward Tobias Harris. The former Tennessee Volunteer has been pretty good in Orlando, but he has been open […]

New York Knicks have fired head coach Derek Fisher

The 2015 season for the New York Knicks got off to a fast start as the surpassed the expectations that many had for them. Then there was the emergence of rookie Kristaps Porzingis, who looks like he was worth the first round pick the Knicks used on him last June. But now the team is […]

Is this why Cam Newton walked out of postgame press conference?

Last night’s Super Bowl was a nightmare for Cam Newton on many levels. The Broncos neutralized the newly crowned MVP and basically beat him up all night. It was clear from the start that the Broncos were not going to let Newton beat him with his legs and that made Newton a sitting duck. And […]

Calvin Johnson reportedly set to announce that he will retire from the NFL

The Detroit Lions fans and organization have been awaiting a final decision from wide receiver Calvin Johnson on his playing status. The Lions have made it clear that they want to give Johnson time and space before they start pressing him for an answer. That decision wasn’t popular with one of Johnson teammates, who believes […]

Deion Sanders gave Cam Newton some advice after walking out on post game presser

The Carolina Panthers saw the magically season end in the worst way last night against the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. League MVP Cam Newton was frustrated and harassed by the Broncos defensive front all game long as he was sacked seven times. After the game, a hurt and disappointed Newton sat in front […]

Rajon Rondo still loves the Boston Celtics, hopes they take the Eastern Conference

Sacramento Kings point guard Rajon Rondo was full of emotions Sunday night as his team took on the Boston Celtics. This was Rondo first time back in Boston after he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 2014. After the Celtics defeated the Kings, many of Rondo’s former teammates and coaches embraced him and they […]