Terrell Suggs wants Joe Flaco to start cussing people out

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has always been known to have a laid back demeanor. Now with Flacco’s big contract and Super Bowl ring, some people question his love for the game.

James Harden: Dwight and I are cornerstones, the rest of the guys are role players


Even since Chandler Parsons signed with the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets have been downplaying Parsons’ worth. The Rockets front office believes they are closer to a championship without Parsons.

Report: Philadelphia Phillies contemplating on paying off and releasing Ryan Howard


There has been a lot of discussion about the play of Philadelphia Phillies first basemen Ryan Howard. The Phillies signed Howard to a 5 year, $125 million contract extension in April 2010. With Howard putting up sub-par numbers this season, the complaints got even louder when he was benched for Darin Ruf Wednesday night.

Bret Bielema takes shots at Alabama and Lane Kiffin


Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is still not making any friends. Bielema was in Bristol at ESPN studios and had some interesting things to say about Alabama.

Reggie Wayne showed up to Colts training camp in an Indy car


Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne’s health has been the talk among Colts fans. With the Colts training camp set to start today, all eyes will be on Wanye. Well he certainly gave everyone a show with his arrival. Wayne showed up to training camp in a Indy car driven by Ed Carpenter.

Pat Fitzgerald throws jabs at Sonny Dykes and the state of Nebraska


The opening of college football camps are less than two weeks away and the trash talk from coaches is starting to heat up. Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is usually quiet around this time of year, but now things have changed.

The New York Jets plan to reward their fans for good behavior


I think it’s well-known that the New York Jets have some of the rowdiest fans in the NFL. There have been numerous stories written and YouTube videos uploaded of Jets’ fans drinking and fighting during games. Well the Jets front office thinks they might have found a solution.

Les Miles reads Greg McElroy on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie”


A couple of weeks ago, former Alabama QB Greg McElroy ruffled a few feathers with a statement he made in regards to Nick Saban. McElroy who now works for ESPN stated that the effects of Nick Saban leaving for Miami are still being felt at LSU ten years later.

Football recruit suspected in dormitory burglary while visiting the University of Georgia


Over the weekend, the University of Georgia hosted an event called “Dawg Night”. The annual event hosted hundreds of recruits looking to make a name for themselves.

Eli Manning admits he is a little nervous in the Giants new offense


New York Giants QB Eli Manning is looking to redeem himself after having the worst season in his career. Manning threw a career high 27 interceptions with only 18 touchdowns. In comes new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to help right the ship. That’s the goods news, the bad news is that Manning says that he […]

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