Man arrested for interrupting Super Bowl postgame press conference to give 9/11 conspiracy theory


Matthew Mills was arrested after the Super Bowl on trespassing charges stemming from his interruption of the Seahawks’ postgame press conference.

While most players have been out enjoying Super Bowl week, Nate Irving has been locked in his hotel room playing Pokemon

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos linebacker Nate Irving has seen the number of snaps he’s playing increase since the season ending injury to Von Miller. And with his increased snaps, Irving has been able to work his way into being a key cog on the Denver defense.

Watch J.R. Smith break Tristan Thompson down to the ground (Video)


The Cavaliers visited the Knicks in Madison Square Garden Thursday night and got embarrassed to the tune of 117-86. But not only were the Cavaliers embarrassed as a team, both Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett (we’ll get to him a moment) were embarrassed individually at the hands of J.R. Smith.

The mayor of East Rutherford finally has tickets to the Super Bowl


Meet James Cassella. He’s the mayor of East Rutherford, New Jersey. The same East Rutherford, New Jersey that Super Bowl will be played in on Sunday. One would think that being the mayor of the city the Super Bowl is being played would allow you some nice perks during the Super Bowl festivities, the biggest […]

Colin Kaepernick rips Richard Sherman, says Sherman is afraid of 49ers receivers


Here we go…. After keeping quiet on Richard Sherman’s post game rant, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick showed up at the Super Bowl XLVIII media center in Midtown, New York and completely unloaded on Richard Sherman to the New York Posts’ Bart Hubbuch.

Brendon Ayanbadejo: Teammates smoked weed before the Super Bowl

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Before you begin to point the finger at Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, or Terrell Suggs it must be said that Brendon Ayanbadejo was a part of both the Ravens’ and Bears’ recent Super Bowl teams.

Gregg Popovich responded to an in-game interview question with two words: ‘We’re behind’


It is well documented that Gregg Popovich routinely doesn’t have much to say during in-game interviews. And while we’re at it, we’ll also point out that it’s well documented that “happy” isn’t a word Popovich likes to use during basketball games. With all that being said, Popovich is still contractual forced to do these in-game […]

Lawsuit claims that Eli Manning, Giants distributed fake memorabilia


The New York Post has a report that will be a big deal in the NFL by the end of the day. According to the report, a lawsuit has been filed against the New York Giants for passing along “bogus” memorabilia as “game worn” authentic memorabilia. The lawsuit also names Eli Manning as also having […]

Michael Strahan called Warren Sapp a coward, and now Sapp wants to fight


Warren Sapp is no stranger to controversy. And usually Sapp’s mouth is the reason he finds himself in those controversies. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Sapp now finds himself in a back and forth with former N.Y. Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. It all started when Sapp decided that he would tell reporters on […]

NBA All-Stars reserves haven’t been officially announced, but that doesn’t stop the Bulls from publicly congratulating Joakim Noah


The NBA won’t announce the reserves for the All-Star game until Thursday night. But apparently, Thursday is too long to wait for the Chicago Bulls to congratulate their big man Joakim Noah on being chosen as a reserve.

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