Josh Cribbs says goodbye to Cleveland with creative Instagram photo

josh cribbs

Josh Cribbs is possibly on his way to Arizona. But before he left Cleveland, he wanted to say goodbye to the city in the most creative way possible. And what you see above is what he came up with. It must be said the deal in Arizona isn’t official yet. But seeing as though Cribbs […]

Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely after rolling his ankle

kobe bryant

At the end of the Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Hawks, Kobe Bryant attempted a jump shot from the corner that would have tied the game at 94. Upon landing, Bryant came down on Hawks guard Dahntay Jones and severely sprained his left ankle.

Report: Wes Welker signs with the Denver Broncos

wes welker

Adam Schefter is reporting that Wes Welker has signed a two-year deal with the Denver Broncos. Guess that offer from the Patriots really was laughably low.

Lance Armstrong compares his apology for PED use to Bill Clinton’s apology after Monica Lewinsky affair

lance armstrong

The Texas Monthly has a cover story about Lance Armstrong where Armstrong talks about how he sometimes regrets doing the Oprah interview and reaction to the interview. Armstrong also delves into his apology and how it was received by the masses.

The Patriots have finally offered Wes Welker a contract and it’s reportedly ‘laughably low’

For all the “Patriot for Life” talk, now we finally know how the Patriots really feel about Wes Welker. On Tuesday, we found out that Welker hadn’t even been offered a contract. Well, the Patriots finally got around to offering Welker that contract, but according to the Boston Herald, all the offer did was let […]

Christian Ponder: Percy Harvin’s opinion ‘doesn’t really matter’

Percy Harvin, Christian Ponder

Unlike many NFL players, when something is said about Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, Ponder has no problem responding to it. Back in November when folks began to question whether or not his relationship with then girlfriend, now wife, Samantha Steele was affecting his play, Ponder responded.

The Dwight Howard return to Orlando included Howard telling a fan, ‘your mama liked me last night’

dwight howard

Aw yes. The true Dwight Howard finally shines. After a week of apologizing to Magic fans and talking about how the return will be emotional, Howard backed it all up by having an exchange with a fan that included him saying “your mama liked me last night.”

Hot microphone catches Warren Sapp dropping a whispered f-bomb about Bill Belichick

Warren Sapp

Live television has its downfalls. The biggest being people saying how they really feel without knowing that viewers can hear them. Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth wouldn’t openly talk about Tim Tebow’s limited NFL future live on air. But when they think the camera isn’t rolling, they will. Likewise, Warren Sapp wouldn’t openly criticize the […]

The Patriots say they want Wes Welker to be a Patriot for life, yet they haven’t even offered him a contract

wes welker

Robert Kraft took time out his busy day to say all the glowing things he could about Wes Welker in an interview with ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Kraft threw around statements like, “”I love Wes Welker” and “[I hope Wes Welker] remains a Patriot for life, just like Tom Brady.”

Seattle doesn’t officially have a NBA team yet, but you can still buy season tickets

seattle sonics

Depending on whom you ask, the Sacramento Kings are either staying put or moving to Seattle. But since David Stern is determined to give Seattle another NBA team before he retires in 2014, the smart money says that the Kings are Seattle bound. With that fact in mind, Chris Hansen, the man leading the Seattle […]