NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: Midwest Region


The Midwest region is widely regarded as the toughest region in the tournament. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick the winners in each round. We’ll help you with that.

Elin Nordegren‘s new boyfriend has a bigger yacht than Tiger Woods


That’s right. Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is dating billionaire Chris Cline who also happens to own a yacht that is 9 feet bigger and is worth $7 million more than Tiger’s. And he even had the nerve to park it “directly in front of Tiger Woods’ yacht in a Florida Marina.” Scandal. [Telegraph]

Chris Paul: Professional flopper

chris paul flop

An argument can be made with a straight face that Chris Paul is the best point guard in NBA. Likewise, an argument can also be made with a straight fact Chris Paul is the best flopper in the NBA. And his flop last night against the Kings drives that point home.

Rex Ryan regrets guaranteeing all those Super Bowl appearances

rex ryan

With each passing day, all signs seem to point to this season quite possibly being Rex Ryan’s last season in New York. And it seems that Ryan may be also realizing this as well. The usually talkative Ryan has been uncharacteristically quiet since the season started. He even skipped town while the Jets began to […]

Brett Favre helped convince Greg Jennings to sign with the Vikings

greg jennings

Much to the chagrin of Packers fans, receiver Greg Jennings signed with rival Minnesota. That alone is enough to piss off Packers fans. But Jennings shared a detail about his decision that will surely piss of Packers fans even more.

NCAA Tournament 2013 preview: South Region


We know you need help filing out your brackets, so we have your below. Below you’re find everything you need to know about what’s going to happen in the South Region. You’re welcome.

Remember the time when Lindsey Vonn mocked Tiger Woods for his sex scandal?

tiger vonn1

It’s funny how things change. And quickly Back in 2010, Time Magazine asked Lindsey Vonn about the Tiger Woods scandal that rocked the sporting world in 2009. At the time Vonn was married to her ski coach and spoke candidly to the magazine about the scandal and openly mocked Tiger for his “apology”.

LeBron James dunked on Jason Terry, then hit the game winner against the Celtics

lebron james dunking on jason terry

On a night where Boston forward Jeff Green had the game of his life and the Heat found themselves down 31-19 after the first, LeBron James saved the Heat’s win streak. En route to saving the streak, James first dunked all on Jason Terry, then finished the Celtics off with a game winning jumper with10.5 […]

Tiger Woods took to Facebook to announce his relationship with Lindsey Vonn and to post Glamour shots

tiger vonn3

After about a month of speculation, Tiger Woods finally decided to announce on his Facebook page that he and skier Lindsey Vonn are an item.

After leading Ole Miss to a SEC Tournament title, Marshall Henderson won ten straight games of beer pong

marshall henderson

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson couldn’t lose on Sunday. First, he put up 21 points and gator chomped while leading Ole Miss to a 66-63 win in the SEC Tournament final.