Floyd Mayweather responds to illiteracy claim in the typical Floyd Mayweather manner

Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless. pic.twitter.com/dpwE3X7eLR — Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) August 23, 2014 In the face of a $750,000 reading challenge from 50 Cent and leaked audio of him struggling to read, Floyd Mayweather decided not to prove that he can indeed read, not that he has to prove that. But instead he invites us […]

Matt Simms celebrates touchdown by salsa dancing, referee is entertained


During the 4th quarter of the Giants’ 35-24 preseason win over the Jets, Jets QB Matt Simms connected with WR Greg Salas for an 11-yard touchdown. To celebrate, Simms decided to try his hand at Giants WR Victor Cruz’s signature salsa dance.

Report: Klay Thompson is ‘pissed’ that the Warriors considered trading him


Ric Bucher has a column up at Bleacher Report examining the aftermath of the Warriors sticking their toes in the “trade for Kevin Love” waters then deciding against jumping in. The column revolves around the notion that the Warriors were the aggressors in the talks with Minnesota all along until they ultimately decided that trading […]

The turf at the 49ers’ new stadium is already being replaced

Guess what? They're tearing up some of the turf right now at #49ers Levi's Stadium. Our Newschopper 2 got pics: pic.twitter.com/9kp9RNxo3z — Sal Castaneda (@sal_castaneda) August 21, 2014 First, a fan dies of a heart attack during the first game ever held at Levi’s Stadium. And now, the turf is being replaced. It’s safe to […]

Mike Pettine: There’s a scenario where Johnny Manziel doesn’t play this season

Johnny Manziel, Mike Pettine, Kyle Shanahan

If you ask most people, there was just no way that Mike Pettine would start anyone other than Johnny Manziel at quarterback in Week 1 against the Steelers. But Pettine surprised everyone by naming Brian Hoyer his starter.

Robert Grifin III has a message for his doubters


It should be clear by now that the tear down of Robert Griffin III is underway. Opposing teams believe that he’s not the best quarterback on the roster and his teammates reportedly hate him.

NFL headline: Manziel Fingers The Redskins (Photo)


Someone may be losing their job today. [@BuffaloAdam via Awful Announcing]

Braxton Miller could reportedly be out of the season after reinjuring shoulder


According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller reinjured his surgically shoulder during practice on Monday. Though Ohio State has been mum on the extent of Miller’s injury, initial reports don’t sound too good.

Johnny Manziel flipping the bird at the Washington sideline did not sit well with Mike Pettine


After almost three full quarters of bad football between the Washington and Cleveland, Johnny Manziel decided to liven thing up by flipping the bird at the Washington sideline.

Report: Teammates love Kirk Cousins, hate Robert Griffin III


The narrative around how bad Robert Griffin III is doing in camp and how good Kirk Cousin is doing has continued.

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