Scuffle breaks out during Duke-North Carolina manager’s game


The annual Duke-North Carolina manager’s game is always played the day before Duke and North Carolina square off. And since Duke-North Carolina is on tap tonight, the manager’s game took place on Tuesday night.

Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner reportedly disagreed on whether Greg Schiano should be considered for Browns job

Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner

Now that the initial shock of Jimmy Haslam completely cleaning house in the Browns’ front office, it’s now time to peel back all the layers and find out what prompted Haslam’s decision. The first layer was peeled back by Peter King of the MMQB in a column about the Browns’ current situation that was released […]

Memphis Grizzlies mascot powerbombs Wizards fan through a table (Video)


During Tuesday night’s Grizzlies-Wizards game, a fan in the front row wearing a Gilbert Arenas jersey – which immediately signaled that something was about to go down – began antagonizing the Memphis crowd.

Michael Sam’s father: I’m a man and a woman type of guy


Joe Drape, Steve Eder, and Billu Wirz have written a fascinating column for the New York Times where the trio documented Michael Sam’s tough upbringing. The column touches on Sam’s reputation of frequenting the local gay bar and his families notorious reputation of being criminals. But the most fascination part of the column revolves around […]

Empty seats at Sochi Winter Olympics are being filled by volunteers


The various problems at the Sochi Winter Olympics have been well documented. Whether the problem has been Olympians getting trapped in various places or stray dogs roaming about, things haven’t gone exactly to plan in Sochi. And those problems have accounted for, a bigger problem is bubbling up at Olympic venues. Namely, fans are either […]

Masahiro Tanaka reportedly dropped $195K on rented plane for flight to New York

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka hasn’t pitched a single inning in a MLB game, but he’s already spending some of the $155 million the Yankees promised him in last month.

Mississippi State TE Rufus Warren tweets that he looks down on gay players, quickly apologizes


It was inevitable the moment that Michael Sam announced that he was gay that there were bound to be negative responses by other football players. Case in point: Mississippi State tight end Rufus Warren’s comments regarding Michael Sam’s announcement. Warren took to his Twitter account to both congratulate Sam on the courage it took to […]

LeBron James held his own dunk contest after a recent Heat practice


Each year around this time, everyone sits around and wishes that LeBron James would finally enter the dunk contest. Also each year around time, James chooses to give us a taste of what it would be like if he did indeed participate in a dunk contest.

Missouri DE Michael Sam says he’s gay


Former Missouri DE Michael Sam could become the NFL’s first openly gay player after announcing on Sunday that he is gay. Sam came out to his Missouri teammates back in August and spoke to both ESPN and the New York Times about his decision to announce to the world with the NFL combine on the […]

Marcus Smart suspended for three games, publicly apologizes


Marcus Smart will sit out Oklahoma State’s next three games after shoving Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr. After the suspension was announced, Smart faced the media where he apologized to his teammates, his coaches, his family, Oklahoma State, and Jeff Orr.

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