Terry Francona got lost three times during his walk to Progressive Field for the Indians’ home opener

Terry Francona had a pretty interesting day on Monday before the Indians’ home opener against the Yankees. It all started when Francona set out to make the two-block walk from his downtown Cleveland apartment to Progressive Field.

Tim Pernetti’s parting gift? A year’s salary, a $679,500 one-time payment, a car allowance, health insurance, an iPad, and a laptop

As Rutgers cleans house, they’re also giving out fabulous parting gifts to the departed. For instance, former Rutgers coach Mike Rice got a fat bonus in the amount of $100,000 that they wouldn’t have had to give him if they had fired him the moment they saw that crazy video.

If by chance you can play first base, the Miami Marlins want to talk to you

The Miami Marlins are dealing with a brash of injuries. Most of which are to players that can play first base.

Brutus Buckeye took a snap in Ohio State’s spring practice, gets leveled for his trouble

During Ohio State’s spring practice on Saturday, Brutus Buckeye made an appearance not on the sideline or in the stands, but on the field. At some point in the scrimmage, Ohio State’s mascot lined up in the shotgun, took a snap, and began to scrambling. What happened next was unexpected to say the least.

Aaron Ross calls his lone year with the Jacksonville Jaguars a ‘paid vacation’

We’re from Jacksonville, so we wouldn’t exactly characterize a year in Duval County as a vacation. But to Aaron Ross, that’s exactly what his lone year playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars was. Ross joined NFL AM on the NFL Network Friday to discuss returning to the New York Giants after being cut by the Jaguars […]

Report: Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti to be fired

In response to the horrible video showing head coach Mike Rice abusing his players, there has been a little spring cleaning going on at Rutgers.

Doug Anderson went with a 360-degree, between the legs dunk to win the College Dunk Contest

Doug Anderson of Detroit Mercy introduced himself to the world Thursday night during the College Dunk Contest in Atlanta. Anderson scored perfect scores on each of his attempts and capped it all off with this impressive 360-degree, between the legs dunk that brought home the crown.

No one, including Californians, wants to see the Kings stay in Sacramento

Over 30,000 people from all over the US have chimed in on Sportsnation’s poll on what should happen to the Kings. And as you can see, everyone wants to see the Kings move to Seattle. Even Californians. Which obviously makes total sense.

Mike Rice’s parting gift? A $100K bonus

Mike Rice is out at Rutgers. And though he somberly apologized for his behavior, it’s not all somber for Rice financially. Because despite losing his job amid a lot of controversy, Rice is in line to receive a pretty hefty bonus for making it through the 2012-2013.

Lance Armstrong was forced to withdraw from a local swim meet after objections were raised about him competing

If you ever needed a story that represents the new reality for Lance Armstrong, this is that story. In an attempt to scratch his competitive itch, Armstrong decided that he would attempt to compete in a local swim meet in Austin. But unfortunately for Armstrong, Switzerland-based International Swimming Federation, known as FINA sent a letter […]