Money aint a thang for Plaxico Burress!

On the heals of the New York Giants suspending receiver Plaxico Burress for next week’s game against the Seahawks, Fox Sports is reporting that Burress has been fined 40-50 times since joining the team. What makes this even more stunning is that he’s only played in 50 games total for the Giants. A source close […]

Tim Tebow, all hype?

As I sat and watched the #4 Florida Gators go down to the Ole Miss Rebels, I began to think how this college football season has been a wild one. I then start looking around the web for information for an angle I can use for a story about the upset and I run across […]

The Glory-Lines 9/27/08

It’s Saturday, and a big weekend full of football! Let’s take a look at some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! What a Fukujoke (Rumors and Rants) Oregon State Celebrates It’s Upset With A Big Helping Of…….. Erin Andrews?! (The Play in California) Jonathon Papelbon really likes his champagne […]

Thursday night curse strikes again

Dressed appropriately for the occasion, the Oregon State Beavers brought out all the “tricks” and got the ultimate”treat”, a 27-21 victory over the #1 ranked USC Trojans. Gotta give props to the boys over at The Big Lead. They called the upset, even though they were looking for pain to come from their prediction. Check […]

Matt Millen is gone, now what?

Now that the smoke has cleared and many Lions fans are just getting over their hangover from a night of celebrating the firing of Matt Millen, it’s time to face reality. The Lions still are a bad football team and they won’t be getting better anytime soon. The firing was a great decision and it […]

The Glory-Lines 9/24

It’s Hump Day so here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! BULLS ADD EVERYTHING BUT PLAYERS (Zoner Sports) Lil Penny, Gheorghe Muresan, ESPN Commercial (NESW Sports) What Makes a Sports Blog Great? (The Sports Dollar) Chicago Is Purposely Trying To Start A Riot Before The MLB Playoffs Even […]

The Young and the Restless

As we head into week two of what has now become a soap opera, we’ve heard Lane Kiffin has been fired, Lane Kiffin will be fired, and now, Lane Kiffin is safe………for now. My only question about all of this is, WHO CARES? Look, no matter who’s coaching the Raiders this year, they won’t be […]

Why Eddie?……….Why?

The Cubbies are a lock for a postseason run and you go an do this? A freaking tribute song? And you even titled it, “All the way”. I’m sure my fellow Cubs fans are aware of this song, for anyone who isn’t, here’s the proof. For most, this isn’t a big deal but as a […]

Get ready Pat Riley, the Star-bury sweepstakes is about to start

The summer has been full of rumors that the hiring of Donnie Walsh would finally rid the Knicks of Stephon Marbury. But for some odd reason it hasn’t happened. At times it even seemed as if it wasn’t going to happen. Now with training camp set to start on September 30th, Walsh’s and Marbury’s intentions […]

Butchering the National Anthem, as American as apple pie

After all the fallout from Monday night’s butchering of the National Anthem by Kat Deluna at the Eagles-Cowboys game, I began to realize there are many notorious butcher jobs at sporting events. We’ll first start off with a lesser known video. Here, Cuba Gooding Sr. of all people somehow was handed the microphone and made […]