GUTS Rankings – Week One

The initial BCS Rankings are out and of course here at No Guts, No Glory we don’t agree with them. So we’re gonna do something about it! Each week, we’ll release our GUTS Rankings. (Don’t waste time trying to figure out the what the acronym means because it means absolutely nothing.) We’re not gonna use […]

The Glory-Lines 10/18/2008

Big College Football Saturday, so let’s start it off right. Here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Six weeks after having surgey, Manu Ginobili is excited just to be able to run! (Cuzoogle) NBA basketball is just about here and you know what that means, Fantasy Basketball! Need […]

Jon Kitna actually believes that the Lions needed an excuse to bench him

According to ESPN, Jon Kitna is claiming that the Lions used his back injury as an excuse to replace him as the starter. Here’s what Kitna said in an interview on WJR-AM: “They decided they wanted to go in a different direction and I guess the thing for me is, that’s fine. Let’s just say […]

The Glory-Lines 10/15/2008

It’s Hump Day so here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Nominations for the 2008 Sports Blogscars (NESW Sports) The Most Ridiculous NFL Season Ever? (The Sports Dollar) MLB Quote of the Year: Matt Stairs (The Fightins) Stuart Tanner VS. Devin Harris (Docksquad Sports) The $83 Million Question: […]

No Mercy Alert!

Tampa Bay Rays 13 Boston Red Sox 4 Red Sox fans, it may be time to panic. Yankee fans, it may be time for you to start smiling again. Rays fans, it may be time for you to really start believing. And no, you haven’t believed all along. Don’t lie! Cubs fans, it may be […]

Now that Tommy Bowden is out, the floodgates are open………Who’s next?

The college football season thus far has been a wild one. Yesterday’s firing of Clemson coach Tommy Bowden marked the beginning of an even wilder season, the “coaching carousel” season. With Clemson pulling the trigger in the middle of the season, there are a number of coaches wondering if they are next. We’ll take a […]

The Squib Kick breaks another heart

The latest victim? The Chicago Bears. Trailing the Atlanta Falcons 19-13 with just under 3 minutes remaining in the game, the Bears put together a 11 play, 77 yard drive that culminated in the go-ahead touchdown pass from Kyle Orton to Rashied Davis with only 11 seconds remaining in the game. Game Over right? WRONG! […]

Sarah Palin gets a taste of the Philadelphia sports fan.

Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, didn’t quite receive the reception that she was looking for when she went out on the ice to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Ranger game. Once again proving that Philadelphia sports fans are one tough bunch. First we let’s take a look at a […]

No Mercy Alert!

#6 Penn State 24 HALF Wisconsin 3 Wow, Camp Randall is really becoming push-over central. And maybe, just maybe Penn State is a legit contender. I do know they look poised to win the Big Ten (not a huge feat these days) and we know how much the BCS loves the Big Ten champion. #11 […]

The Best Of September 2008

September marked the month that we really got serious here at No Guts, No Glory about growing this blog into one of the most credible and entertaining blogs out there. The month was rather productive as we increased both traffic and subscriptions as well as having one of our stories hit the front page of […]