Rasheed Wallace Has His Eye On 72-10

Remember early last season when the Celtics were rolling through the NBA? You remember because they undoubtedly beat your favorite team during their 23-2 start. Also remember when I wondered aloud if they could take down the Bulls’ 72-10 record? We all know that it didn’t happen, but they just may be taking aim this […]

NBA Previewin': Sacramento Kings

Have you checked the calendar lately?  It’s October! And there’s a special feeling in the air. The feeling of NBA action! Yes, that time is almost upon us.  While we’re waiting, let’s embark on a journey to preview each and every team in the association. Just so we’re clear, we won’t make any promises about […]

Josh McDaniels Won His Super Bowl!!!!!!!!

Hooray! He did it! He really did it! No one thought he would be able to do it, but he did. He beat his mentor. He won his Super Bowl. Would it matter if the Broncos lost every game the rest of the season?  Heck No!  This season is a success in McDaniels eyes.  He […]

Owen Schmitt Was A Little Too Pumped Up For Yesterday’s Game

Pregame inductions are notoriously a time for players to pump themselves up for the battle to follow. Some yell. So have a little signature dance or shimmy. But they usually don’t bring bodily harm upon themselves. Owen Schmitt does did. Watch as Schmitt, using only his helmet, makes a gash so big in his head, […]

Physical Women’s Soccer Match Ends In Violence

When you think of a women’s soccer match, you rarely think of physical tackles and rough play. And you most definitely don’t expect someone to basically take on the entire opposing team (and anyone else that wants to run out and try to contain her) with kicks of fury. But just because you don’t expect […]

Your NFL Game Of The Week: Patriots vs Broncos

Each week throughout the NFL season, Keezy W will pick what he feels is the best game of the week based on importance, rivalry, and/or subplot. He shall attempt to analyze key match-ups and make a pick. New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos, Sunday 4:15 pm Two correct GOTW picks in a row, and I […]

Sam Bradford Set To Start Against Baylor

In a move that is somewhat of a surprise, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has announced that Sam Bradford will start for the Sooners on Saturday against Baylor. Sam Bradford will start for Oklahoma on Saturday when the Sooners take on Baylor at Owen Field, team officials announced via Twitter, the social networking site. Oklahoma coach […]

Michael Crabtree’s Route Tree At Texas Tech Was More Like A Route Twig

Now that the unimportant stuff is out of the way, like actually signing, we can finally dig into what Michael Crabtree is and what he isn’t. First, let’s look at what he is. An idiot for holding out so long. An idiot for holding out so long and not getting the money he wanted. An […]

Pay Close Attention, Charlie Manuel Is Teaching You How To Go All In

The Rockies defeated the Phillies 5-4 to even up their NL Division series at one apiece. The game itself was pretty eventful, but there is more to this series than the games. There are things to be learned. Cole Hamels gave instruction on why you probably shouldn’t pitch when you’re wife is due to go […]

The Glory Lines 10/9/09

It’s time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too! Rejected ESPN Body Issue Photo Spreads (Holy Taco) Top 5 Candidates For New Cleveland Indians Manager (Paneech) That’s Supposed To Be Troy Polamalu (PSAMP) Pat Burrell To The Cubs For Milton […]