College Football Week One: What have we learned?

New season, same ole Clemson Tigers It baffles me how a team with so much talent always finds a way to piss away a season. It’s almost not funny anymore. At this point, Tommy Bowden is stealing money from the university. Either Clemson is perfectly fine with being mediocre or Tommy Bowden has photos of […]

Rudi Johnson is cut by the Bengals……………….Wait what?

As thin as the Cincinnati Bengals are at wide receiver, Marvin Lewis decides to cut Rudi Johnson who could possibly shoulder the load until the Bengals are back to full strength. Is it me or is this move completely crazy? So I guess Marvin is putting his job and money on a proven #2 receiver […]

Where’s the easiest place to catch up with Usain Bolt?

It’s definitely not on any track, but I think I know just the place. All he needs is a little Guinness and a club full of Jamaica’s finest women and he’ll slow down just enough for an interview. (1:27 mark in the video)

Lou Holtz Pep Talk Saturday

With College Football’s opening weekend just a week away, there’s so much to be excited about. None more than the weekly installment of the Lou Holtz Pep Talk. Each week, Lou will bless us with another pep talk and each week I will dissect them. In honor of the opening weekend I present to you […]

The thrill is gone! (And so is the "Stache")

So, Jason Giambi has decided to cut his mustache to break him out the funk he has been in lately. Giambi was hitting .234 with three homeruns for the month of July and followed that up with a 0-for-9 start in August. Giambi insists that he’s growing it back, but you know what they say, […]

Prediction Time!

I’m calling it now, the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series! In probably the most important series thus far, the Cubs took care of business at “Wrigley North” and swept all four games in their series with the Milwaukee Brewers. The week began with the Cubs up a measly one game on the Brewers […]

I wish I was a little bit taller

Much to my dismay, the Detroit Pistons have reportedly reached a verbal on a contract with former No. 1 pick, Kwame Brown. Reportedly Kwame is going to be allowed to steal $8 million dollars over two years. Talk about living the American Dream. Luckily, at this point it’s only a verbal agreement so there’s still […]

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