Just how bad were the Rio Olympics for Harrison Barnes?

When Harrison Barnes was added to the Team USA roster, we all knew that he would likely be one of the last men in the rotation. But I don’t think we were expecting Barnes to be regulated to Christian Laettner Dream Team status. But a quick look at his game logs show that his Rio experience […]

Speedo, Ralph Lauren cut ties with Ryan Lochte

We likely won’t ever know what really happened when Ryan Lochte and three other US swimmers entered a gas station in Rio. Lochte has admitted that he over-exaggerated his story in the aftermath of the altercation with armed security officers on the scene.

Stephen A. Smith is threatening athletes again

Stephen A. Smith initially made a name for himself on the NBA beat where he built impeccable sources. Smith worked his way to almost every NBA circle there was which ultimately led to Smith being the first and maybe only person reporting that LeBron James would leave Cleveland and sign with the Miami Heat.

Dwight Gooden on health concerns: ‘I’m fine’

Darryl Strawberry spoke at length with the NY Daily News to discuss friend and ex-teammate Dwight Gooden’s drug addiction. Strawberry has grown concerned after Gooden failed to show for a scheduled appearance.

Student shares picture of herself in bed with Usain Bolt, says their time together was ‘normal’

20-year-old Rio student Jady Duarte apparently spent the night with Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt. Their time together quickly went from a private encounter to a very public one when Duarte shared the photos with friends of the two cuddled up on WhatsApp.

Rams and Chiefs fans celebrate second NFL game in Los Angeles by throwing hands

Week 2 of the preseason is in the books so it’s time to check in on how things are going in Los Angeles. On the field, the Rams have pulled out two wins over both the Cowboys and the Chiefs. Off the field, namely in the crowd, fans have been mid-season brawling form.

Kobe Bryant to run a $100 million venture-capital fund

Kobe Bryant is staying busy in retirement, which shouldn’t surprise you at all. But what he will be doing with his time may surprise you. Bryant doesn’t seem to have plans to work in basketball, besides working with young players. Or show up on your television talking about basketball, at least for now. Instead, Bryant […]

Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland falls from high bar, faceplants (Video)

I don’t know anything about Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland. I also don’t know anything about the high bar. But what I do know is that it’s probably not good if you faceplant in the middle of your high bar routine.

DeAndre Jordan believes Olympic gold medals are above NBA rings

This happens every time a NBA player plays for Team USA in the Olympics for the first time. They get swept up in the experience and give comments that are indicative of this great experience. Even Carmelo Anthony, who has experienced multiple Olympics, has let the experience get the best of him. The latest victim […]

Anonymous SEC coach: Arkansas is getting tired of Bret Bielema’s bullshit

GridironNow gave SEC West coaches the opportunity to give their opinion on other SEC West coaches as well as their programs. The coaches were promised anonymity so that means the coaches didn’t bite their tongues.