Report: Miami Heat fear that Chris Bosh’s blood clot issues have resurfaced

Chris Bosh decided on Friday to skip Sunday’s All Star game because of a strained calf. On Saturday, Bosh spoke with the media and said he was “pretty optimistic” that the injury was related to blood clots and he would get it checked out on Monday.

Miami Heat sent Hassan Whiteside home after he was ejected for elbowing Boban Marjanovic

The Miami Heat told Hassan Whiteside to leave the arena and head home Tuesday night after his was ejected in the 4th quarter.

Report: Phil Jackson would never hire Tom Thibodeau for Knicks job

In the wake of Tom Thibodeau practically begging for the New York Knicks job comes a report from Adrian Wojonarowski that lays out how Thibodeau has no chance at getting the job.

Report: Sacramento Kings players have tuned out George Karl

Over the weekend it was reported that the Kings were strongly considering firing head coach head coach. After the initial report from The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, people began to dig and were able to even come up with a name to replace Karl in former King and assistant coach, Corliss Williamson.

The Denver Broncos are now 6-0 in games officiated by last night’s crew

Let’s start this with what we all know to be true. The Denver Broncos simply dominated the Carolina Panthers. They out game planned and outplayed the Panthers plain and simple. It was such a beating that Cam Newton couldn’t stomach sitting through his postgame press conference as he could hear the Broncos gloating.

Is this why Cam Newton walked out of postgame press conference?

Last night’s Super Bowl was a nightmare for Cam Newton on many levels. The Broncos neutralized the newly crowned MVP and basically beat him up all night. It was clear from the start that the Broncos were not going to let Newton beat him with his legs and that made Newton a sitting duck. And […]

Atlanta Hawks are collaborating with rappers in hopes of fixing their relationship with the city

The end of 2014 was a public relations nightmare for the Atlanta Hawks. Owner Bruce Levenson was forced to sell the team after racist emails he sent surfaced. Hawks GM Danny Ferry also found himself on the outs when unflattering comments he made about Luol Deng became public. Meanwhile, NBA players began to take notice […]

Teammates began to sour on Greg Hardy over tardiness to team meetings

Earlier this week Jason Garrett wouldn’t say whether or not he wanted Greg Hardy to return to the Cowboys. And that fact alone probably means that Garrett would very much prefer if Hardy weren’t in his locker room next season.

Here’s Kirk Cousins in a Redskins Starter jacket and UGG slippers

That is all. via @MasterTes

Joe Theismann wants a crack at running the Browns

The Cleveland Browns are in the middle of their annual detox and they’ve decided to go off the board. On Tuesday, they hired Paul DePodesta of the New York Mets as the team’s chief strategy officer in a signal that they’re tired of trying the same old thing. And now former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe […]