Andy Pettitte Expected To Retire

According to ESPN reports, the Yankees long-time pitching great, Andy Pettitte, is expected to call it quits tomorrow. Though Pettitte never won a Cy Young Award or was never considered the preeminent pitcher for even a season, he never had a losing season. The 3-time All Star does have some stats that most will never […]

The Miami Heat Buys Former Star’s Mansion

The Miami Heat Limited Partnership, the group that owns the basketball franchise, is apparently trying it’s luck in the real estate world. According to reports by, the ownership group bought former Heat star’s, Tim Hardaway, troubled asset, a 7500-square foot mansion in Miami. Last June, the IRS filed a tax lien against the property, […]

We Lost, Time To Party: Jets’ Football Stars Partied Hard After AFC Championship Loss

We all see the post game interviews of the losing teams; it’s pitiful. In the NFL, after a devastating loss, you can witness dozens of grown men moping around the locker room thinking of what could have been. As was the case on Sunday night, the New York Jets were, for the second year in […]

Is Tiger Poised For A Comeback In 2011?

Tiger Woods had, at least for him, an unusually rough 2010. He lost his wife, endorsement deals, his #1 ranking and every tournament that he entered. Tiger Woods had, at least for him, an unusually rough 2010. He lost his wife, endorsement deals, his #1 ranking and every tournament that he entered. There was still […]

Has Anyone Heard From Dan Gilbert Lately?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Dan Gilbert and his Cleveland Cavaliers are the worst team in the NBA right now. At 8-33, the Cavs, for lack of a more fitting term, suck. They have lost 14 in a row and have won only one game since November 30. Do you remember, I do, Gilbert […]

Ravens Coach Not Opposed to Signing Burress After Release

After the Ravens 31-24 loss to the Steelers in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, head coach, John Harbaugh, is open to signing a certain convicted felon. With his pending release from prison, as soon as June 6, 2011, Plaxico Burress’ name has made it back into the available ‘deep threat’ wide receiver conversation. […]

Lawrence Taylor: America’s next registered Sex Offender

In America, what generally happens when a famous athlete gets accused of rape? You guessed it, nothing. Sure, Lawrence Taylor received the proverbial ‘get your act together’ ramblings from the media and law officials, but no jail time. Taylor, who was facing a felony third-degree rape charge, pled guilty to a lesser charge, misdemeanor, earlier […]

Meet the Cleveland Browns’ next (ex) Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns and team president, Mike Holmgren, have decided to hire Rams former offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur, as their new head coach. The Browns have been searching for success and consistency since coming back to Cleveland in 1999. The team has had only postseason appearance since 1999, with no wins. In the NFL, aside […]

Pistons, Officially Rebuilding For Future

Not so long ago the Detroit Pistons were the cream of the NBA’s Eastern conference, but have quickly falling to the bottom over the last two years. The Pistons played in the Eastern Conference Finals for 6 consecutive seasons (2003-2008), but have failed to win 40 games in a season since. This far this season, […]

Jim Harbaugh leaves Stanford for 49ERS Gig

After 4 years of progression at Stanford, head coach Jim Harbaugh is heading to the San Francisco 49ers to take on the head spot, according to ESPN reports. The Cardinals finished the 2010 season 12-1 with a 40-12 Orange Bowl win over Virginia Tech on Tuesday. Harbaugh was courted by Michigan, the Miami Dolphins and […]