Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #2

Briefly, I believed that it would be hard to find someone to give the “Can’t Get No Lower Award” to week after week. After all, these guys are NBA pros, the best in the world. Shortly after pondering the future of this award, another candidate quickly moved to the forefront. Last week’s winner, Corey Maggette, […]

Somebody please have Al Davis committed already

What is Al Davis doing? Why won’t he step down? Questions I’m sure millions of sports fans are asking, but I don’t believe that there are answers, at least not any sensible ones. Earlier this week Al continued to amaze by deciding to release starting CB DeAngelo Hall. Davis signed Hall this past off-season and […]

Too little, too late for the Browns and Romeo Crennel

Whether it was head coach Romeo Crennel’s or GM Phil Savage’s decision to bench Derek Anderson, it was not a good one at this point in the season. Brady Quinn should have been the starting QB in game one. Why? Because he’s the franchise QB, enough said. The Cleveland Browns finished (10-6) last season and […]

Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #1

Memphis Grizzlies forward Antoine Walker has seen his role in the NBA decline steadily since winning a NBA championship with the Miami Heat in 2006. Walker has been traded 4 times in the last 5 seasons and hasn’t seen any playing time as of yet this season; his next step is retirement. Walker was once […]

Bynum got paid!

The Los Angeles Lakers and C Andrew Bynum agreed to a 4yr. $58 million deal with a 4th year option today. Bynum is currently in the last year of his rookie contract and will make about $2.8 million this year. Bynum averaged 13.1 ppg, 10.2 rpg and 2.1 bpg last season before being hampered by […]

Day #1 Prediction: Lakers will win the NBA Championship

Its been a long off season, one full of blockbuster trades and acquisitions, but the NBA season is upon us once again. Tonight the defending champs Boston Celtics will raise another championship banner into the rafters, but there will be no repeat. I must respectfully disagree with S. Evans, my colleague. The Celtics fans will […]

Games of the Week

Its Sunday again and the NFL schedule is full of intriguing match-ups. Here are 2 games that I think will be season defining games for the teams involved. Dallas Cowboys(4-3) v. Tampa Bay Bucs(5-2)The sputtering Dallas Cowboys will be without starting quarterback Tony Romo for the second straight game and will host the NFC South […]

So long Lute

At 74 years of age and 24 years as the Arizona Wildcats head men’s basketball coach, 34 years total, Lute Olson has finally decided to retire. Allegedly Olson is physically unable to continue, but an illness has not been confirmed. When asked his reasons for retiring, Olson answered, “At this stage in my life, I […]

Kobe’s okay

The reigning league MVP, Kobe Bryant, hyper-extended his right knee in a pre-season game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday night. Bryant was injured when he bumped knees with teammate Josh Powell while going for a rebound in the second quarter and did not return for the second half. Bryant was examined by Lakers trainer […]

BoSox should’ve let Manny be Manny

In Game 7, the Boston Red Sox fell short in the ALCS against the Tampa Bay Rays. Naturally, questions pertaining to the late season trade of slugger Manny Ramirez have arisen. The obvious question is: Would the Boston Red Sox be in the World Series if they still had Ramirez? More than likely, but I’m […]