N.C. State Hires Mark Gottfried

After searching for weeks for a new head basketball coach, ´╗┐North Carolina State has hired former Alabama coach Mark Gottfried. Gottfried spent 11 seasons at Alabama subsequently resigning in 2009. Under Gottfried’s leadership, the Crimson Tide had 5 NCAA appearances. He’ll be inheriting Sidney Lowe’s program which hasn’t seen the post season in 5 years. Either N.C. […]

Chad Pennington Even Gets Injured In The Offseason

Free agent Chad Pennington has suffered yet another career threatening injury. This time the injury wasn’t a shoulder, he’s injured his right shoulder on several occasions, but is a torn ACL. The injury occurred during a pick up basketball game instead of on the football field. The 11-year veteran has had four major shoulder injuries […]

Baseball Is Back!

Opening Day is less that twenty hours away. The boys of summer are heading back to the field. MLB’s Opening Day has a sort of mystique to it. It has some type of euphoric feeling attached that can be felt by sports addicts everywhere. I’ve had enough of 24-hour NFL Lockout coverage, the Lebron James […]

Bonds’ Sexual Performance Ruined By Steroids

On Monday, during his federal perjury trial, Barry Bonds was forced to endure his ex-mistress’ testimony concerning the effects steroids had on their sex life. Bonds’ former mistress, Kimberly Bell, said that Bonds sexual performance declined in the latter parts of their relationship. Of course, a statement no man wants to hear. Adding insult to […]

Guess Who’s The Most Popular Player In Baseball?

Derek Jeter is the most popular player in baseball, according to bing people search. Actually, the New York Yankees have the two most popular athletes in the MLB. Alex Rodriguez ranks second behind Jeter in popularity among major league players. It’s no surprise that the Yanks head this list. The franchise is the most loved, […]

Ochocinco Attends MLS Tryout

First there was the reality show ‘Ultimate Catch’ on VH-1, then came the T.Ocho show on Versus, and now we can catch Chad Ochocinco in a comedy of sorts as he “tries” out for Sporting Kansas City, a MLS franchise. The Cincinnati Bengals WR played soccer in high school, but obviously showed a significant amount […]

Sacramento May Be Losing The Kings

The Sacramento Kings reign in Sacramento may soon be over. Sacramento’s Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson, believes and posted on his blog that the team will likely relocate to Anaheim next season. Of course, money is the culprit. The Maloof brothers, owners of the Kings, have been battling to secure public funds to […]

Duncan’s Injury Spells Doom For Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs started the season with a new offense and rotation that would feature Tim Duncan less, but would make the team harder to guard. The new offense has worked thus far, the Spurs have the best record in the NBA at 57-13 and are seven games ahead of the Lakers with twelve […]

Get Your Brackets Ready!

It’s tourney time again! Time to fake out your bosses, play hooky and take that extra long lunch hour or two. Is Duke the favorite to win back-to-back with Irving back? Who will be this year’s Cinderella? Don’t know but all the Tip-Off shows start in about five minutes, plus all the games will be […]

The Chicago Bulls Are On Fire

Are the Bulls back? If you asked Michael Jordan, he’d say so. Chicago has recently vaulted to the top spot in the Eastern Conference at 48-18 due to their recent 7 game winning streak. Led by the likely MVP, Derrick Rose, the Bulls have been one of the NBA’s most consistent teams this season. Rose […]