Suspended Notre Dame DB KeiVarae Russell says the school is ‘becoming ridiculous’

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Notre Dame DB KeiVarae Russell is one of five players suspended by the school while an investigation of potential violations of academic honesty continues. With the season already in full swing, Russell is starting to get frustrated with the school because of the time that has been wasted.

Geno Smith is getting tired of answering questions about Michael Vick

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers

It has been a rough week for New York Jets QB Geno Smith. After having a bad game on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, Smith made an error in judgment after the game by cursing at a fan. Now there has been a lot of chatter about how the team should get backup QB Michael […]

University of Cincinnati fires football staff member after learning about sexual abuse arrest


Antrione Archer has been the Director of Player Welfare & Development for the University of Cincinnati football program since 2011. Well after today, Archer no longer holds that position as he was fired by the school.

Denver Nuggets’ mascot in hot water after appearing at GOP rally


Ken Solomon has been known as “Rocky” the Denver Nuggets mascot for twenty years. Now Solomon may have put his job in jeopardy after making an appearance without going through the proper channels.

Tiger Woods to open a restaurant called ‘The Woods’ in South Florida

It looks like Tiger Woods is starting to prepare for life after his PGA career is over. Even though Woods has been dealing with a ton of injuries, that hasn’t stopped him from making other business ventures in his spare time.

Mike Miller thinks the Heat amnestying him angered LeBron James


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Mike Miller’s and LeBron James’ friendship has been well documented. Miller, who was amnestied by the Miami Heat back in 2013, ended up playing for the Memphis Grizzlies. Fast forward to the present, Miller and James are back together now playing for the Cavaliers.

Kansas City Police asked its citizens not to commit any crimes so they could watch the Royals’ Wild Card game

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I’m sure that you all watched the Kansas City Royals’ thrilling comeback to win their AL Wild care Game against the Oakland A’s. The people in Kansas City have been waiting for the Royals to host a playoff game for a long time and no one wanted to miss it, including the police.

After getting arrested for DUI, Da’Rick Rodgers is quickly released by the Colts

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With all of the issues that has the NFL under the microscope, teams around the league are taking immediate action on players that get in trouble. The Indianapolis Colts are one of the teams that have taken immediate action with on of their players.

Baker Mayfield’s father calls Kliff Kingsbury a scoundrel


Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield was trying to get a waiver so he can play this season. Well last week, the NCAA and the Big 12 denied Mayfield’s request.

Roy Hibbert says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar helped him mentality by watching ninja movies


Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is trying to rebound from a terrible effort during the playoffs. After going multiple games without scoring, many people thought it was time to break the team up.

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