Monte Kiffin says son Lane Kiffin is fired up about coaching at Alabama

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As we all know, Lane Kiffin was hired by Nick Saban to be Alabama’s new offensive coordinator. Since his arrival, Kiffin has been seen everywhere and he even did a little karaoke at a recruiting party at Saban’s house.

Here is how the Auburn Tigers Band celebrated the infamous Kick Six

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I think we call all agree that the Kick Six game between Alabama and Auburn was one of the best games in Iron Bowl history. We have seen the celebration from everyone except the Auburn Tigers band members. Finally, here is how the band celebrated the return for the game winning touchdown.

Was Jacoby Jones drunk during interview at the New Orleans Pelicans game?

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Baltimore Ravens receiver and New Orleans native Jacoby Jones was sitting court-side Tuesday night watching the Pelicans and the Sacramento Kings play. During the fourth quarter, sideline reporter Jennifer Hale interviewed Jones and it surely sounded like he had one too many drinks. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Speed skating competition leads to a double middle finger

Victor-An-Sjinkie Knegt

We’re used to seeing sore losers in the major sports. But apparently being a sore loser can also be applied to speed skating as well.

Urban Meyer hangs with WWE wrestler Goldust


Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and his family was invited to a live WWE show by wrestler Titus O’Neal, who was a former player under Meyer at Florida. WWE tag team champion Goldust took a picture with Meyer also declaring who his favorite team is as well. [@DUSTIN_RHODES1]

Alabama freshman Tony Brown arrested after only being on campus for two weeks


Alabama cornerback Tony Brown was arrested Saturday night and was charged with  failure to obey and resisting arrest. Brown, who enrolled early to compete for playing time next season was released on $1,500 yesterday. Here is what The Tuscaloosa Police Department released about the arrest.

Charlie Strong lays down his rules and expectations at Texas


Since Charlie Strong has accepted the Texas job, he has been preaching how the program needs toughness. Well, Strong met with the team and shared his rules and expectations and he got them down in writing. Looking from 1-10 on Strong’s list makes me think that he is not playing around.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero are back at it again


If you recall the build up to the Mayweather vs Guerrero match last year, then you remember that the beef between the two fighters fathers was also must see tv. Now since then they have reunited for a phootshoot, once again both men get into an altercation and both men had to be restrained. Take […]

Louisville fan takes love for team a little too far


We all have favorite teams that we root for and we all have our way of showing it. But this guy who is a Louisville fan took his love for his team to a different level. It amazes me how some people can really do this to themselves. Wonder how long will it take this […]

Did new Georgia DC Jeremy Pruitt leave Florida State due to being a ladies man?


On Wednesday we posted a story about Jeremy Pruitt accepting the defensive coordinator position at Georgia. All Florida State fans including myself didn’t understand why Pruitt would make a lateral move when Florida State would have pretty much matched the money that Georgia offered.

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