Art Briles puts Alabama 4th, Ohio State 6th on his Coaches Poll ballot

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I’m sure that Baylor head coach Art Briles wished that the Coaches Poll was still used to determine who makes it into the college football playoffs. Briles has been very vocal about how his team deserved to be ahead of TCU and make the playoffs.

With fog already in the air, the ACC thought it was a good idea to shoot off pregame fireworks before ACC championship game


Florida State and Georgia Tech was a very competitive and exciting game Saturday night. Florida State would eventually go on to win their 3rd straight ACC title and now their win streak is at 29 wins. But before the game, fans and players were up and arms about a decision that the ACC made.

Paul Millsap says he's not suprised he leads the NBA in steals

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Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap has always been known to be a very versatile basketball player. Even though he is only 6 foot 8, Millsap has proven the critics wrong about his height throughout his NBA career.

Video: Alabama student section chants 'F**K Auburn during Iron Bowl'

LSU v Alabama

The hate between Alabama and Auburn has been well documented. So during last Saturday’s Iron Bowl, we all knew that emotions would be high for the players and the fans.

Eli Manning on Tom Coughlin: 'It is not his fault that we don’t finish games'


The New York Giants are still trying to figure out what happened in their loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars  on Sunday. After starting the game on fire, the Giants proceeded to blow a 21 point lead which now drops their record to 3-9.

Cleveland Cavaliers submit bid to host 2018 NBA All-Star game


With all of the excitement that LeBron James has brought back to the city of Cleveland, the Cavaliers are trying to find ways to capitalize on it. The team has raised ticket prices and now the downtown area is booming again. But now the city is looking to host an event that will definitely help […]

Jim Harbaugh says he is not going to speculate on his future with the 49ers


Since the start of the NFL season, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s name has been associated with multiple jobs. Last week, a report came out saying that the Oakland Raiders were interested in trading for the 49ers head man.

Sean Payton says reports about he and Rob Ryan not getting along are false


Yesterday morning, reports came out that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were not getting along. It was also stated that the relationship was so bad that Ryan probably won’t be back next season.

Rob Lowe on Raiders moving to LA: Please Lord, don't let the Raiders be the team that comes to LA


I think that by now that everyone knows that a NFL team will be in LA in a few years. The one thing that we don’t know is what team will be moving to LA.

St. Louis Police Officers Association condemns Rams players for their hands up gesture


We were all wondering what stance the St Louis Rams coaches and players would take after the news on Michael Brown. So as the Rams got ready to face off against the Oakland Raiders, everyone was watching to see what would happen.