Odell Beckham Jr is not happy with the smart remarks he is getting from his teammates

After his tremendous rookie season, New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr popularity is still sky rocketing. The former LSU Tiger is on the cover of Madden 2016, setting world records for one hand catches and is undoubtedly the star on the team. But in the Giants locker room, Beckham Jr is not getting treated like the star […]

Trent Cole says he feels ‘rejuvenated’ with the Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts LB Trent Cole knows he has a lot to prove to himself and all of the critics who thinks he can’t play anymore. After being on the chopping block with the Philadelphia Eagles for the past few years, Cole was released due to his cap number being so high. But even before his […]

Former NFL player Casey Crawford runs a $8 Billion mortgage company

Many of you probably don’t know who Casey Crawford is, unless you are a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Crawford played for the Buccaneers when the organization won their only Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders. Crawford really didn’t contribute that much and only appeared in four games that season.

Commissioner Rob Manfred says MLB working on slowing down Tommy John injuries

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred knows that Tommy John injuries to pitchers has been increasing lately. Usually when a pitcher has Tommy John Surgery, he is likely out of the season and has months of rehab he has to go through. Some pitchers have to change the way they pitch and others might end […]

Report: Jerry West threatened to leave the Warriors if they traded Klay Thompson for Kevin Love

NBA legend Jerry West know a little bit about evaluating elite talent. West, who is part owner of the Golden State Warriors also serves as a consultant for the team as well. West’s knowledge was put to the test last summer when the Warriors were trying to acquired Kevin Love, who was in Minnesota.

Video: Dwyane Wade talks about Miami Heat in the past tense during pre-game show

I think it’s no secret that the Miami Heat and guard Dwyane Wade are not seeing eye to eye right now. Wade is looking to be paid for all of the sacrifices that he made for the Heat organization. While there is a lot of speculation on what Wade might do, he might have just […]

Charles Woodson compares Amari Cooper to Colts’ great Marvin Harrison

Ever since the Oakland Raiders drafted WR Amari Cooper, the reviews about him have been great. Coaches and players have been very impressed with the former Alabama WR. Now you can add veteran DB Charles Woodson to that list as well. Woodson has seen it all and has played against some of the best receivers […]

Report: Hawks are bracing themselves for a 4 year, $50 million asking price from DeMarre Carroll

After getting bounced in the Eastern Conference Finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Atlanta Hawks are looking to improve their roster for next season. One of the reason why the Hawks were so good, was due to the emergence of forward DeMarre Carroll. Now that Carroll will be a free agent in July, the Hawks have […]

T.J. Ward skipped Monday’s OTA because he attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals

For those of you don’t know, Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward is a huge Golden State Warriors fan. Ward love for the Warriors is so real, he has a huge tattoo of the team’s logo on the left side of his back. Head coach Gary Kubiak told the media today that Ward was not presence for […]

Vernon Davis says game planning was responsible for his poor 2014 season

San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis knows that everyone is expecting more from him this season. After only catching 26 passes and two touchdowns last season, many 49ers fans thought that Davis had slowed down. There were even people calling for the team to release Davis and get someone younger.