Lance Stephenson: “I’m on a mission to win a chip, I’m on a mission to do great this year”

Expectation for the Los Angeles Clippers for the upcoming season is probably the highest it has ever been in the last 20 years. While most believe that DeAndre Jordan resigning with the Clippers was the big news this off-season, acquiring Lance Stephenson might have been even bigger. Stephenson and Jamal Crawford give the Clippers something […]

Adam Jones: “If I would have never gotten suspended, I would have $100 million right now”

The career of Cincinnati Bengals defensive Adam “Pac man” Jones have been very interesting. After dealing with multiple suspensions during the early part of his career, Jones hasn’t gotten in trouble for sometime now. Even though he has mature off the field, Jones still thinks about his past and what he lost because of some […]

Antonio Cromartie says he is not concerned that he keeps getting worked by Eric Decker in camp

I think many believe that the New York Jets are going to be very good on defense this season. It also helps that have to very good cover corners in Darrelle Revis andĀ Antonio Cromartie. But during the Jets training camp, Cromartie hasn’t looked like the top defensive back everyone thinks he is.

Report: Tristan Thompson turned down $80 million contract from Cavaliers because his peers were paid more

The Cleveland Cavaliers and power forward Tristan Thompson are still ways apart from making a deal happen. At the beginning of free agency, Thompson agreed to sign with the Cavaliers. But then Thompson’s people started to see other big sign for a lot more than what the Cavaliers were offering.

Report: Friends of David Stern are urging him to run for mayor of New York

Ever since Adam Silver took over as NBA commissioner, you really haven’t heard anything about the man he replaced. David Stern retired after being theĀ longest-serving commissioner in professional sports. Just when we thought that Stern was out of the spotlight, it looks like he might be making a return to it.

Video: Eric Berry puts the clamp down on Travis Kelce during one on one drill

I find it remarkable that Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is back on the football field again. After missing the last eight months dealing with cancer, Berry is cleared and looking to get back to his Pro Bowl form. During the Chiefs practice on Tuesday, Berry went up against tight end Travis Kelce in […]

Photo: Devon Still’s daughter Leah gets her own Wheaties box

I think that by now, everyone has heard about Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still’s daughter Leah battle with cancer. Her fight against the this terrible disease has inspired others to keep on fighting and to never give up.

Report: Eli Manning looking for contract similar to Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has made it known what his asking price is when it comes to a contract extension. Manning says he want to be the highest paid player in the NFL, but I doubt that he will be. But I do think that he should be paid around the same area […]

Video: Dez Bryant got caught slipping and gets punched in the face, Twitter reacts

The Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Ram took part in a joint practice on Tuesday. Everything thing was all good until a big brawl between the two teams broke out. The brawl was so big that it almost spilled into the crowd how was loving what they saw. Somewhere in the melee, Dez Bryant […]

Phil Jackson gave Knicks players a Michael Jordan book on what it takes to be a champion

At this point, no one knows what to expect from the New York Knicks this upcoming season. Hall of Famer Charles Barkley believes that they will make the playoffs, but I think he might be reaching a little bit on that prediction. Last season, it seemed that the Knicks quit during a lot of their […]