Matt Schaub says he is disappointed that he was benched in favor of Derek Carr


The Oakland Raiders have once again proved that they don’t care about wasting money. The Raiders gave Matt Schuab $8 million dollars in the offseason only to give the starting spot to rookie QB Derek Carr.

Wes Welker thinks someone might have put something in his drink


Denver Broncos WR Wes Welker was surprised just like everyone else when he was suspended four games for violating the league’s performance enhancement policy. When the reports came out initially, it was said that Welker was flagged for Adderall.

Josh Smith wants us to believe that he will be in the paint more


Detroit Pistons forward Josh Smith hasn’t made the impact that Pistons fans thought he would have. Smith’s disappointing season led to him being in trade discussions.

Some LSU fans can’t tell the difference between Tim Miles and Les Miles


As many of you know, LSU’s head coach is Les Miles. Some of  might not know that Nebraska’s basketball head coach name is Tim Miles. Well apparently some LSU fans and websites that follow  the team are having a hard time realizing who is who.

Florida State fan is selling a shirt that takes a shot at the SEC


After beating Auburn in the National Championship game last January, Florida State gets to brag about something that no one else could do for the past seven years. And that is beat an SEC team when it really mattered on the national stage.

Report: The Washington Wizards have reached out to Ray Allen


With training camp only two months away, some NBA teams are still trying to finalize their teams. One free agent who doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to decide where he wants to sign is Ray Allen. Ever since LeBron James left the Miami Heat to head back to Cleveland, Allen has been rumored […]

The San Diego Padres pay homage to Bud Selig by creating a plaza in his name


As we all know, MLB commissioner Bud Selig will step down after this season. Even though his farewell tour hasn’t been as epic as Derek Jeter’s, some teams have shown their appreciation for Selig. None more so than the San Diego Padres.

Manny Pacquiao wants Metta World Peace on his basketball team

Pacquiao and Cotto Press Conference

If you haven’t heard, Manny Pacquiao will be a player/coach for his basketball team in the Philippines. With Pacquiao only being 5’6, he knows he can’t do it by himself. So just like any other coach, Pacquiao knows he needs a few good players on his team.

Mark Cuban takes a shot at Houston Rockets’ GM for his approach in free agency


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban really has a problem with the Houston Rockets. Last year during free agency, Cuban was pissed at Rockets general manager Daryl Morey when he asked him about trading Dirk Nowitzki. Now that Chandler Parsons has signed with the Mavericks, the rivalry between the two teams is starting to heat up.

Can the Florida Gators be this year’s version of the 2013 Auburn Tigers?


The 2014 version of the Florida Gators are coming into opening weekend healthy which is a sigh of relief for their fans. We have talked about the 2013 Gators plenty over the past couple of months. Whether its discussing head coach Will Muschamp’s job status or rival fans making fun of their worst season since 1979. Now […]