The Eagles selected Riley Cooper as their featured player for Black History Month on their calendar


We have seen some NFL teams make some questions decision before. But the mistake that the Philadelphia Eagles just made has to be one of the worst ever. Many people still remember the racial slurs that Riley Cooper used at a Kenny Chesney concert. Many believe that led to a training camp fight with Cary […]

Stan Van Gundy says the Kings treatment of Tyrone Corbin is unfortunate and inexcusable

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Today, the Sacramento Kings announced that they have hired George Karl as their head coach. This comes after of weeks of speculation that the two were in discussion about the position. What the Kings forgot about was interim head coach Tyrone Corbin, who had to endured all of the rumors about his job. One NBA coach […]

Jeff Garcia to interview for the Rams quarterback coach position


Since retiring from professional football, Jeff Garcia has tried to find out what works for him. After a stint as an agent and working in the media, he became a consultant for the Montreal Alouettes. He would end up being the QB coach of the Alouettes last season, but now a he has eyes set on […]

Report: The Suns are the frontrunners for Amar'e Stoudemire

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As the New York Knicks continue to make roster moves, one player is gathering a lot of interest around the NBA. Most people expect the Knicks to buyout forward Amar’e Stoudemire’s contract which would be a good thing for him. There have been reports that multiple teams are very interested in Stoudemire, but one team […]

Video: Karl Malone has no problem with fighting Kobe Bryant if that's what he wants


I think we all remember when Hall of Famer Karl Malone and Gary Payton joined the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2004. The team would fall short of a championship, but the drama between Malone and Kobe Bryant was well documented. It all started over Bryant’s wife Vanessa who, Malone allegedly tried to hit on. […]

Vikings president Mark Wilf: "we'd love to have Adrian Peterson back"

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The Minnesota Vikings know they have a big decision to make in regards to RB Adrian Peterson. The outstanding RB has been the best player on the Vikings for the past few years but off the field problems have made things difficult. The team has kept relatively quiet on Peterson, but that all changed Wednesday […]

Report: Multiple teams interested in Josh McCown


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released QB Josh McCown on Wednesday which didn’t shock anyone. The move officially sets up the Bucs to draft Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota in the NFL Draft. As for McCown, even though the season did not go as good as he expected, it doesn’t seem like he will have trouble […]

Giants' Justin Pugh will be on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"


Now that it’s the off-season, NFL players are going to be looking for things to occupy their time. Most will take a break a rest up from the hard work the put in this season. But in the case of New York Giants OL Justin Pugh, he has others on his mind.

Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings to play in 2015 Hall of Fame game


I think most of us know by now how well Pittsburgh Steelers fans travel to games. With former RB Jerome Bettis being apart of this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame class this year, fans from Steelers nation will be there to celebrate. But that won’t be the only thing that Steelers fans would have […]

Report: Miami Marlins to host 2017 all-star game


Even though the Miami Marlins have one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, their ballpark is one of the best. So many people believe that it was only a matter of time when the team would get a chance to host the MLB all-star game. The last time the team was awarded the […]