Let’s Start The Week With Rajon Rondo Trying To Get Into The Miami Heat’s Huddle

I gained a ton of respect for Rondo after he started guarding LeBron James in their victory of the Heat yesterday. With that said, if I were a member of the Heat I would have decked Rondo for trying to get in our huddle.

George Mason’s Basketball Program Makes Fun Of Themselves For Not Getting Any Respect From The Casual Fan

Just like any other small school, George Mason feels like they are being overlooked. So their basketball program took matters into their own hands by releasing this video. The Green Bay Packers reference was kind of funny though.

Kentucky Wildcat Fans Welcomed Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl Back To SEC Play With Taunts, Profanity

On Tuesday night, Bruce Pearl made his return to the bench after serving an 8 game suspension for lying to the NCAA. Well, Kentucky fans were aware of that fact and they made Pearl’s return very unpleasant. It was so unpleasant that Pearl requested a security escort at halftime. “While the students were giving Pearl […]

Jimmer Fredette Fever Just Hit Another Level With The "You’ve Been Jimmered" Music Video

This group is named “Jimmer Jammers” and they are led by former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards. They are here to let us know how much they love Jimmer Fredette.

Spending Quality Time With His Family For Urban Meyer Means Taking A Job With ESPN

For a guy who has all these health problems, Urban Meyer’s plate is getting full. When he first resigned from Florida, he said that he would still have a role with the program, but that role was never announced. Now, he has just accepted a job with ESPN to be an analyst for college football […]

At The University Of Alabama, Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

Earlier this month, the Alabama Crimson Tide cheerleaders placed first at the Universal Cheerleaders Association College National Championship. So you would think if you won a National Title you would get rings right? Well, at their first practice after winning the National Title, their coach David McDowell told the squad that the university won’t give […]

TNA Wrestling Wants Chad Ochocinco And Marvin Lewis To Have Their Cage Match At Their Pay Per View

With WWE potentially having Brock Lensar coming back for WrestleMania, TNA had to make a move. So when Chad Ochocinco tweeted to Adam Schefter: “Me and Marvin Lewis in a cage match, set it up, I’ve earned my stripes on my helmet it’s time to fight then play”. TNA had its move. So they sent […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Admits That His Father’s Death Has Impacted His Performance

This really doesn’t come as a shock to me because losing a family member right in front of your eyes has to take a toll on you. But let’s be honest; Dale Jr. is an average driver to begin with and he is not the type of driver that can perform at a high level […]

Could UCF Be Headed To The Big East? Not If USF Has Anything To Say About It

The University Of Central Florida has turned many heads in both football and basketball this year. First, the football team upset Georgia in the Liberty Bowl and the basketball team is off to its best start in years. Many people have taken notice, including the Big East Conference who is still looking to add teams […]

If The NFL Passes On Him, Greg McElroy Will Take His Talents To ESPN

It is always good to have a backup plan if the original plan doesn’t come through. That is the situation former Alabama QB Greg McElroy is in right now. During ESPN’s week long coverage of the BCS national title game, McElroy was impressive with his “poised delivery and knowledge of the game”. Even though he […]

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