While eating dinner with Knicks executives , UCLA’s Kevon Looney says someone threw a brownie at their table

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I knew that it would only be a matter of time until we heard a crazy story from a player attempting to get drafted. Well former UCLA star Kevon Looney had a story to tell and it involves the New York Knicks. Looney was speaking with the media on Wednesday, and told them about the […]

Report: Broncos initially asked Peyton Manning to take a $10 million pay cut


It seems like they is trouble in Denver between the Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning. There was a lot of discussion about Manning’s happiness when he told the media that his opinion didn’t matter for the new offense head coach Gary Kubiak was installing. Then early this week, reports surfaced about the Broncos attempting to […]

Phillip Buchanon wants rookies to learn from his mistakes and don’t let their families exploit them


Former NFL cornerback Phillip Buchanon surprised everyone with some of the things he wrote in his book. Buchanon, who was a first round pick in 2002 made headlines when he said that his mom demanded $1 million from him as payback for raising him. Those comments led to a lot of discussion and now Buchanon […]

Photo: Graph shows that Alabama fans turned to pornography to deal with losing to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl


We all know that some fanbases deal with heartbreaking losses in different ways. Some people cry, some fight, some yell at each other, just to let out the frustration of a bad loss. Well when it comes to the Alabama Crimson Tide, their fanbase took things to another level after their playoff loss to Ohio […]

Jason Garrett says he is influenced significantly by the great Cowboys teams in the 1990’s


Dallas Cowboys head coach knows about being on Super Bowl winning teams. Back in the 1990’s when the Cowboys won three Super Bowls in four years, Garrett was the backup quarterback for those teams. Now that Garrett is coaching the Cowboys, his goal is to try instill some of those traits from those teams in […]

Photo: Fan creates Craigslist Ad offering the Knicks’ 4th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft


On Thursday, many college basketball players will finally see their dreams come true during the 2015 NBA Draft. While many will be interested in what the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers do with the first two picks, there is one team everyone will be paying attention too when it’s their time to pick.

Rick Neuheisel: “UCLA didn’t want to press charges against Sean Combs”


Former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel raised a lot of eyebrows yesterday while speaking about the incident involving hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. I’m sure you all know by now that Combs was arrested for his attack on strength and conditioning coordinator Sal Alosi. While we all have been waiting for more information to come […]

Photo: Walmart is selling Mississippi State jerseys with Texas A&M’s logo on it


As many of you know, the schools that make up the SEC Conference cares about football a lot. For some of those fanbases, college football is the only thing they care about. But what really gets those fanbases in the SEC mad is when you mistake one school for another. Well Russell Athletic did exactly that […]

Alvin Gentry on Anthony Davis: He is the best player in the NBA, not named LeBron James

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To say that New Orleans head coach Alvin Gentry is excited about coaching big man Anthony Davis would be an understatement. The former Golden State Warriors assistant has been gushing over his star player ever since he took the job. Davis had an MVP caliber season this year, but it’s very clear that he needs […]

Photo: After hosting a Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean concert, Lambeau Field has a large area of dead grass


I know a lot of people complain about NFL owners not letting entertainers used their stadiums for their shows. Most entertainers like to use NFL stadiums because it usually holds more people than an arena. Well the guys who are responsible for the grass at Lambeau Field have found themselves in a tight situation.