Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings Says Mississippi State Tried To Intentionally Hurt His Star Player

Now that the NCAA brackets are set, teams are starting their preparations for their first round opponents. Vanderbilt coach Keith Stallings was reviewing his game plan with reporters when the health of his star player John Jenkins was brought up. Well Stallings didn’t pull any punches as he accused Mississippi State of dirty play during […]

Chicago Bulls Fan Declares LeBron Choosing Miami Over Them Was A Mistake And They Have A Video To Prove It

It seems like everyone is throwing shots at the Miami Heat while they are on this losing streak. So a Chicago Bulls fan has decided to join in with the fun with a video that has been named “The Mistake”.

To Help DeMarco Murray Get The Cover Of NCAA Football 12, An Oklahoma Fan Turns To Attack Ads Against His Competition

Oklahoma fans are brimming with confidence these days and I can’t blame them. They just came off a good season, and will mostly likely have the #1 team in the country next year. So when word began to circulate that DeMarco Murray was one of the four finalists for the cover of NCAA Football 12, […]

Former Tennessee Coach Chuck Smith Isn’t Exactly Happy That He Was Told To Resign

There are some people who get asked to resign and they do it without fight. Well former defensive line coach Chuck Smith doesn’t believe in leaving quietly and is letting his voice be heard. On Friday, Smith called an impromptu press conference to let everyone know that he was forced out of his job and […]

Clinton Portis Knows His Time In Washington Is Coming To An End

With all the talk about Donovan McNabb and Mike Shanahan this past season, Clinton Portis’ injury plagued season went under the radar until now. On Friday, Shanahan said that he was going to let Portis look around at other teams. Saturday morning, Portis was on 106.7 The Fan’s with Grant Paulsen and when told what […]

Let’s Start The Week With The Louisville Cheerleader That Would Have Needed A Police Escort If The Cardinals Would Have Lost To Pitt

See, this why people go off about cheerleaders. This guy thinks the game is over, goes and grabs the basketball and proceeds to throw it in the air, and gets a technical foul in the process. I would have been very concerned for his safety if Louisville went on to lose the game.

‘Purp & Yellow’ Video With Guest Appearances From Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, And Matt Barnes

I hope this is the last remake of Wiz Khalifa ” Black & Yellow song because this is getting out of control.

And Here’s Charles Barkley Doing ‘The Dougie’ During All Star Weekend, If You’re Interested In That Sort Of Thing

You just never know what Barkley will do when the camera is on.

Well, It Didn’t Take Long For A T-Shirt About Tree Poisoner Harvey Updyke To Surface

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Auburn fans responded to Harvey Updike’s poisoning of Toomer’s Oak. And in typical southern retaliation, the response comes via a t-shirt. This rivalry is really starting to get crazy. Via Zazzle

Jadeveon Clowney Isn’t Impressed With Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Yesterday morning, the nation’s top recruit Jadeveon Clowney ended his recruitment by committing to South Carolina. But whether he knows it or not, he may have stirred up some controversy. Clemson and Alabama were the other finalist for Clowney, and he had some interesting things to say about Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban. We all […]

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