Owner Jimmy Haslam says he trusts Hue Jackson to develop a quarterback for the Browns

Even though the NFL Draft has come and gone, there are still many that have been question the decision that some teams made. One of those teams that many are questioning is the Cleveland Browns. The Browns traded their #2 pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, which many thought was a mistake due to the fact that […]

Pete Carroll on Brandon Browner: We may be able to develop a really unique role for him

The Seattle Seahawks surprised everyone when they announced that they were signing defensive back Brandon Browner. Many were surprised due to the fact that Browner is coming off probably the worse season in his professional career with the New Orleans Saints.

Steph Curry went into beast mode during overtime of Game 4 against the Trailblazers

On Monday night, Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry made his return during Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs against the Portland Trailblazers. Curry came off the bench and straight torched the Trailblazers for 40 points.

Oklahoma board members reportedly want no part of the Big 12’s expansion plan

For the past two seasons, the Big 12 has seen their champion left out of the College Football Playoffs. The reasoning behind that was their strength of schedule and not having a conference championship game. So during the Big 12 spring meetings, the talk of expansion was brought up and it looks like it is […]

Former NFL TE Jeremy Shockey was subpoenaed in connection to drug and gambling ring ran by friend

A few months ago, former NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey gave some hilarious comments to the New York Post about his meeting with the FBI. Those comments stemmed from one of his friends Owen Hanson, who was indicted on charges of running a international drug and gambling ring.

Mike Evans on Bucs offense: Jameis Winston’s second year going into the offense, you know it’s going to be great

There is a major buzz surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going into the 2016 season. One of the main reason for that buzz is because of quarterback Jameis Winston. The Bucs quarterback is looking to improve on his rookie season that sent him to the Pro Bowl.

Damian Lillard on Draymond Green’s comments: There was never any doubt in our minds

Going into tonight’s game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Golden State Warriors, forward Draymond Green has his opponents attention. After the Warriors lost Game 3, Green told reporters that he wasn’t impressive with the Trailblazers and said they had doubt in them.

Danny Trevathan tried to wish everyone Happy Mother’s Day, but failed miserably

On Sunday, everyone celebrated Mother’s Day in their own way as we all showcased our love for them. Throughout the day, many athletes from different sports used Twitter as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Lane Johnson on Sam Bradford: Word on the street is that he’ll be back pretty quick and be ready for OTAs

As many of you may know, quarterback Sam Bradford has made it clear that he was to be traded from the Philadelphia Eagles. Since he made it known that he wants out of Philly, the response for Bradford has been pretty negative.

Sacramento Kings reportedly will meet Dave Joerger today to discuss head coaching position

The Memphis Grizzlies surprised everyone when they decided to fire head coach Dave Joerger after three seasons, Many have questioned the Grizzlies mindset after Joerger led them to the playoffs dealing with all the injuries they had.