Bret Bielema is complaining about hurry-up offenses again


Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema has made it known that he doesn’t like hurry-up offenses. Bielema has to deal with hurry-up offenses when he coaches against Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M. Bielema believes that injuries occur more with those type of offense more than any other.

Report: Hurricanes GM Ron Francis proposed a change for face-offs


The National Hockey League have been looking for different ways to make the game better for the fans. One of the main issues that the NHL has on their plate is, how can they conduct face-offs differently. Well during the general managers meetings down in Boca Raton on Tuesday, one GM already has thoughts on how […]

Scott Boras questions if the Cubs are serious about winning after Kris Bryant didn't make their roster


The Chicago Cubs third base prospect Kris Bryant has impressed during spring training. In nine games in the Cactus League, Bryant has six home runs along with 30 total bases in 26 plate appearances. Even with those impressive stats, the Cubs have decided to leave Bryant of their opening day roster.

Report: San Diego Chargers are preparing to make a run for Marcus Mariota


While many believe that Florida State QB Jameis Winston will be the number pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, there is a buzz about Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. The former Ducks QB has been linked to many teams for the past few weeks, but no one knows for sure where he might end up. Even though […]

Which number one seed will lose first in the NCAA Tournament?


  Last Sunday, we watched the unveiling of the brackets for the 2015 NCAA Tournament. We all knew that Kentucky was going to be the number one overall seed and are the odds on favorite to win the whole thing. Joining Kentucky as number one seeds is Duke, Wisconsin, and Villanova.

Penguins GM is tired of everyone 'nitpicking' Sidney Crosby


Pittsburgh Penguins fans expect the very best from star player Sidney Crosby. The 27-year-old has 71 points in 64 games, but some people think that he could be doing more. Those are decent numbers, but are down from last year where he won the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP and Art Ross Trophy with the most […]

Colin Cowherd went on a Twitter rant about Virginia basketball

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ESPN personality Colin Cowherd is known to talk a little bit of trash every now and then. For whatever reason, Cowherd has a major problem with the University of Virginia. He went on a rant on the radio about the Cavaliers football team saying they where makeup to games and that they were soft.

Report: Tony Cingrani is 'disappointed and angry' after Reds shift him to the bullpen


In 2013, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tony Cingrani had a very good rookie campaign. In 2014, things couldn’t have went any worse for Cingrani after an injury filled season. As Cingrani tries to regroup from his terrible year, the Reds have decided that they are shifting him to the bullpen.

Video: Chris Farley's ESPN commercial playing Christian Laettner is still hilarious


Sunday night, many tuned in to ESPN to watch the “I hate Christian Laettner ” 30 for 30 documentary. Many people think that this was the best documentary that ESPN has done with the 30 for 30 series. So as I looked on the web for old videos of Laettner, I came across this old video.

Report: Adidas drops bid to extend apparel contract with the NBA


In 2006, the NBA and the shoe company Adidas agreed to a 11 year worth $400 million to make NBA apparel. When the move was first announced, many thought that this would be a great move for Adidas. The company was in talks with the NBA to renew their contract, but now it looks like […]