Oklahoma State fans are pushing for CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb to be their next head coach

The one thing that I have always liked when watching any sporting event is commentary from someone who played the game at a high level. CBS has done a great job with this during the NCAA Tournament with a host of former college and NBA players doing the games. But sometimes, their insight on the […]

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan says Geno Smith would get consideration to start if Ryan Fitzpatrick departs

The New York Jets have made it clear since the beginning of the offseason that they want to get a¬†deal done with quarterback¬†Ryan Fitzpatrick. While talks have been moving slowly, other teams have also inquired about bringing Fitzpatrick in as well. The Jets are aware of this as they brought in former Washington Redskins quarterback […]

DeAndre Jordan had to put Lance Stephenson in his place last night

Saturday night, the Los Angeles Clippers faced off against the Memphis Grizzlies in what could be a future playoff matchup next month. It was also the first time guard Lance Stephenson went against his former team since being traded. Stephenson was very talkative during certain parts in this game, which got under center DeAndre Jordan’s […]

Dez Bryant says he would draft Jalen Ramsey if it were his call for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have the number four pick in this year’s NFL Draft. A month ago, it was rumored that Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey was sitting at the top of the Cowboys draft board. While there has been talk about the Cowboys drafting a quarterback in the first round, one of their star […]

After getting a new contract, Adam Jones plans to pay the Bengals back with confetti

The Cincinnati Bengals have been working on a new contract with defensive back Adam Jones. A few weeks ago, Jones and the Bengals agreed to a new contract keeping him with the team for a few more years. During his re-signing press conference, Jones was asked how would he repay the team back for giving […]

Donald Penn says the Raiders are rolling right now

The Oakland Raiders have been one of the most active teams during free agency this offseason. I think everyone can agree that the Raiders have made plenty of improvement as well. After adding the talent they signed during free agency, there is a lot of excitement around the franchise.

After getting ejected last night, Matt Barnes was ready to throw hands with John Henson

It doesn’t take much to get Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes fired up. Milwaukee Bucks forward John Henson found that out first hand last night. Henson started things when he blocked Barnes lay up attempt then stared him down afterwards. One thing lead to another and both players ended up getting ejected. But Barnes wasn’t […]

Chip Kelly reportedly offered a huge package to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for Marcus Mariota

This time last year, we already knew that Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were going to be the first two players selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. We also knew that Mariota’s former head coach Chip Kelly, who was with the Philadelphia Eagles, was very interested in trading for him.

Carmelo Anthony reportedly could explore the trade market if the Knicks don’t add talent in the offseason

Things have started to get a little interesting between forward Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. Anthony has been very vocal over the past few months and wants the Knicks to make some moves in free agency. Team president Phil Jackson has talked to Anthony on several occasions to let him know the direction […]

Rival executives reportedly believe the Spurs will make a run at Kevin Durant

The NBA offseason is going to be very interesting, especially when free agency starts. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant will be the top free agent and will command everyone’s attention. While many teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards have been linked with Durant, a new team has been thrown into […]