Danny Trevathan lied about having someone else’s kneecap, says it was a joke


Denver Broncos linebacker caused quite a stir a month ago when he said that he had his kneecap replaced with someone else’s. Treavathan even said that he the replacement kneecap was bigger than his and that if felt funny. After saying all of that, we are now finding out that it all was just a […]

Suns are concerned about Markieff Morris’s state of mind after trading his brother

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When the Phoenix Suns decided to trade Marcus Morris to the Detroit Pistons, they know that the two brothers were going to be upset. That was made pretty clear by Marcus during his introductory press conference with the Pistons. Marcus told the media that he felt like it was a slap in the face once he […]

Bills have told LeSean McCoy to take down his Instagram post inviting women to a private party

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Buffalo Bill running back LeSean McCoy had Instagram buzzing on Thursday when he put up a party invitation. The invitation was for women only and that they would have to sign a confidentiality agreement once they made it to the party. After the McCoy’s post started to get around, the Bills reached out to him immediately.

2015 College Football Preview: Will Ohio State repeat as National Champions?


We are only few weeks away from the start of fall camp so fans are starting to piece together the season they think their respective teams will have. The start of the 2015 season has a lot of storylines that I will discuss as well as break down what teams will be in the College Football […]

Report: Jimmy Fredette to accept training camp deal with the Spurs

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The rise and fall of point guard Jimmy Fredette has been pretty disappointing. Coming out of BYU, many thought that Fredette was going to be a very good player and he had quite the fanbase. He never really panned out with the Sacramento Kings and saw his three-point percentage drop last season with the New […]

Virginia governor not on board with building a NFL stadium just yet

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After 18 years of the Washington Redskins playing at FedEx Field in Maryland, owner Daniel Snyder made his intentions known that he wants a new stadium. With so many other cities doing the same thing, Snyder doesn’t want to be left behind. The problem is that he is getting a lot of push back from the […]

Report: Letroy Guion files motion in court to get his truck and money back


Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion is not playing any games with the police department in Starke, Florida. Back in February, Guion was arrested after police found 357 grams of marijuana and  $190,028.81 in his 2015 Dodge Ram truck. Guion took a plea deal to avoid prosecution but that’s just not good enough.

Adam Silver says NBA leaning toward not guaranteeing a playoff spot at all for a division winner


For the past few season, fans have complained about the way the NBA playoff format is set up. As it stands now, division winners are guaranteed one of the top four seeds in each conference. That format caused the a first round matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers this past season.

Michigan-Ohio State argument led to a fight on a ferry-boat

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As we are getting closer to the start of the college football season, some fans are already in mid-season form. One thing that sets college football apart from the NFL is the rivalry games. One of the best rivalries in college football is the Michigan-Ohio State game. Even though we are in July, the rivalry […]

Report: Danilo Gallinari has accepted a two-year contract extension with the Nuggets


The Denver Nuggets have been very active lately in regards to their roster. After point guard Ty Lawson got arrested, the Nuggets traded him to the Houston Rockets. Many thought that forward Danilo Gallinari was going to be the next player on the move. It was reported that the Nuggets were in trade talks with the Boston […]