Report: Cowboys won’t discuss a new contract with Jeremy Mincey until he shows up to camp

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Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey surprised everyone when he didn’t show up for the first day of training camp. Mincey has told the Cowboys that he doesn’t plan on showing up to training camp unless his gets a new contract. While Mincey seems to be serious about this, the Cowboys are standing firm in their […]

Chip Kelly doesn’t understand all the attention the Eagles are getting from the media

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Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly I’m sure is glad that training camp is now underway. Kelly and the Eagles have had an interesting off-season which brought a lot of attention to the team. After the Eagles traded running back LeSean McCoy, the Pro Bowler accused Kelly of being racist.

Amir Johnson on choosing number 90: “Every number 1-34 is basically retired”

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The Boston Celtics signed one of the most underrated players in the NBA off-season in forward Amir Johnson. The former Toronto Raptors will bring a different attitude into the Celtics locker room full of young players. Johnson plays his heart out on both ends of the court which has gotten him a lot of respect […]

Report: Michael Jordan turned down four 1st round picks from the Celtics in exchange for ninth pick in the NBA Draft

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I think it is well know about how aggressive the Boston Celtics were leading up and during the NBA Draft. The Celtics were rumored to be in trade talks with the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks during the draft. But one of the biggest trade rumors about the Celtics involves the Charlotte Hornets and owner […]

Pro gaming league plans to start drug testing their players


The Electronic Sports League is one of the most competitive video game leagues around the world. As eSports continues to grow, players are trying to find ways to get the upper hand on the opponents. Earlier this month, Kory Friesen admitted on a YouTube video that he and some of his teammates were on Adderall at a recent […]

Video: Michael Vick wants NFL teams to know that he is fresh, focused, and ready

Michael Vick

Quarterback Michael Vick has made it clear all off-season that he sill wants to play in the NFL. The problem is that a lot of teams haven’t shown that much interest in him. With training camps getting ready to start, Vick knows that a phone call can come any day now.

Roy Hibbert: “I expect to play at an All-Star defensive level”


Los Angeles Lakers center Roy Hibbert will have a hug chip on shoulder this upcoming season. After the Indiana Pacers hinted at Hibbert’s role being diminished, he still decided to opt in to his contract. That led to the Pacers trading Hibbert to the Lakers. The Lakers introduced Hibbert during a press conference on Wednesday […]

Video: Champ Bailey doesn’t want Wes Welker to play football anymore due to his concussion history

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With the start of NFL training camps less than a week away, wide receiver Wes Welker is still a free agent. Welker has made it clear to everyone that he talks to that he wants to play this season. But one of his former teammates wants Welker to hang up his cleats.

Les Miles agrees with Nick Saban in regards to having the NFL Draft deadline pushed back

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Last week during SEC media day, Alabama head coach Nick Saban comments about the NFL Draft deadline was one of the reason why his team lost in the semifinals in the College Football Players. Saban complained that with the draft deadline in December, players are have their minds on that instead of the bowl game.

Lance Stephenson: “Michael Jordan trading me definitely hurt me”


Los Angeles Clippers guard Lance Stephenson time with the Charlotte Hornets didn’t go exactly how he planned it. Throughout the season, Stephenson’s name came up regularly in trade rumors and his game regressed tremendously. Stephenson acknowledged that injuries played a major part in his poor season with the Hornets.