Kansas City Chiefs weren’t thrilled with the Royals giving the Carolina Panthers words of encouragement

panthers-mj-cry-faceThe Carolina Panthers are still trying to get over their loss in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos. Many players from the Panthers have assured the fans that they will be back, but this loss still stings. Now that the game is over, many organization outside of football have tried to lift the Panthers spirit by offering them words of encouragement. But the Kansas City Chiefs ended up breaking everything up once they saw a tweet they didn’t like. It all started when the New York Mets send out this tweet to the Bronocs and the Panthers.



That led to the Panthers to respond saying that the Kansas City Royals had to overcome a championship loss as well. The Royals responded by sending out a tweet encouraging the Panthers and wishing them good luck.



That exchange didn’t please the Kansas City Chiefs who sent this tweet out to the Royals.



The Royals tried to make things right with the Chiefs, but I don’t know if it worked though.



It seems like the Chiefs want the Royals to only give out encouragement to them, back and forth tweets between the two is hilarious.

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