Report: Security guard is the reason why three female reporters were unable to go in Colts locker room

lucasoilstadThe Indianapolis Colts found themselves in a sticky situation last Sunday after their win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was reported that three female reporters were temporarily denied access to the Colts’ locker room which caused a lot of confusion. Many were upset that this happened and the Colts were in no rush to explain why the reporters were denied access. Monday afternoon, the Indy Star received a comment from the director for Lucas Oil Stadium. The director says that one of their security guards was the reason why those three female reporters were unable to go inside the Colts’ locker room.

“Regarding the incident last night outside the Jaguars locker room, the security guard acted mistakenly on his own accord and not at the direction of Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts, or the Jaguars.  We have taken steps to assure such a misunderstanding will not happen again and apologize for the inconvenience to the reporters involved. “

The Colts are lucky that this situation flew under the radar because this could have been really bad if it got the attention is should have received.

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