Opposing coaches blame Mack Brown, not Charlie Strong for Longhorns’ struggles

Mack BrownThe Texas Longhorns are 1-4 and Charlie Strong is sitting on a rather hot seat. Anyone with even a remote clue can watch the Longhorns play just a few series and come to the conclusion that they don’t have many good players. And the good players they do have are extremely young and probably shouldn’t be playing right now.

That hasn’t stopped the scrutiny of Strong though and since this is Texas, the hammer could drop at any moment.

But should it? According to opposing coaches that have seen Texas up close and personal, the answer is no. They see a team with talented underclassmen and upperclassmen that are spoiled and don’t care. And in their minds, the blame for this should lay at Mack Brown’s feet.

Multiple coaches that have faced Texas spoke to Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel of SI and gave their opinions of the current Texas program and their comments are all critical of Brown.

“In two years, Charlie could not have f—– that place up,” a coach tells The Inside Read. “It was already f—- up before.”

“Mack knew the s— going on, he just didn’t want to own up to it,” another coach says. “He knows what he left.”

“They’re just not nearly as talented as they used to be,” a coach says

“None of the older guys are going to the NFL, so you can tell most of them really don’t care,” one of the coaches says.

To make matters worse, there appears to be a lack of leadership among the players, a role usually filled by upperclassmen. “(Texas) doesn’t have any dogs,” one of the coaches says. “They don’t have anyone that will stand up and say, ‘F— this bull—-, let’s go kick these f——‘ a–.”

Again, none of this should be surprising to anyone that has watched a down of Texas football this season. But since this is Texas, they’ll likely can Strong and throw money at whomever they deem as the next savior.

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