Nick Saban admitted he helped players with The Wonderlic test while coaching the Dolphins

nick-saban-textI think that everyone knows by now that Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage with anything football related. He has done it at Alabama since he became the head coach back in 2007. But many love to bringing up his time with the Miami Dolphins and the things he did, but didn’t have any success. Now we can add one my thing to the list of stuff Saban did that didn’t work in the NFL. On his weekly radio show, Saban admitted he helped players with The Wonderlic test while he was the head coach of the Dolphins.

“I hate to admit it now, but if I really liked a player, I would actually take the test out, look at it, tutor the guy a little bit, alright, before he took it,” Saban said. “Maybe lose a few minutes on the timing part of it, so he had a little extra time… and they would do better. But we were trying to create opportunities then, just like we’re trying to create opportunities for people now.”

It’s funny to hear Saban openly admit to the wrongdoings he did in the NFL. I wonder if there are NFL teams out there who want Saban maybe start thinking differently about him.

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