Myles Jack was ‘definitely surprised’ by Jim Mora’s comments

Myles JackIt was announced on Tuesday that UCLA star linebacker Myles Jack would leave school to prepare for the NFL. Jack suffered a season-ending knee injury in practice a couple of weeks ago and decided to return home to Washington to rehab.

According to Mike Silver of the NFL Network, Jack and UCLA head coach Jim Mora discussed Jack’s intentions on Sunday and the two came to an “agreement that it was the best decision” for Jack to leave school. So it was pretty surprising to Jack when Mora spoke at length on Tuesday explaining how he felt Jack was taking a huge risk.

In his press conference, Mora praised Jack but made it known that he didn’t believe scouts had enough tape on the linebacker.

“My personal opinion is, he’s a tremendous football player and a tremendous athlete,” Mora said. “I think it’s risky to do this. Having been on that side, there’s going to be a lot of speculation as to what he is and where he fits. And as I told Myles on Sunday, NFL teams are very, very conservative, and if there’s any question whatsoever, they’ll pass on you in a heartbeat. They’re going to take the sure thing, and I explained that to him, but I feel like they already made their decision, and so, like I said, I hope it works out the best for him. But I, as a guy that spent half of my life in the NFL, I would move with great caution, and I would tell that to all of our players.”

“If he played all year, I was thinking that we would [not have him next year], but when you only play in three games and that’s all the tape they have of you your junior year. … I’ve been in 25 draft rooms, and I’ve never seen a guy taken off of that ever,” Mora said. “I worry about that for him. Like I said, I have a very personal relationship with Myles and his family, and his mom and his little brother Jaylen. Very close. He’ll get himself in great shape and get ready and get rehabbed, perform well at the combine and perform well at his individual workouts. It’s just a matter of if the scouts have enough game film to go off of, and they may, they may not. That’s their decision, not mine. I just know that I’ve never see it, so it’s kind of a new world for me.”

Silver reached out to Jack to get his reaction to Mora’s comments and Jack admitted that he was caught off guard by the comments.

“It definitely surprised me, but I don’t know — maybe that’s what he felt,” Jack said. “I mean, it’s a little crazy down there right now. They just suffered their first defeat (to Arizona State), and these are crazy times around here. But I’m still riding with the Bruins.

“Coming from him, I can’t discredit what he’s done in the NFL, so I have to value his opinion. I have no choice but to respect his opinion and take what he says into consideration. The only scout I know is my head coach, so what he says, I have to take it seriously. But I’m definitely glad I made the decision.”

So if you’re keeping score at home, what we have here is a player finally doing something that benefits himself and a coach that’s not happy that said player is now looking out for himself.

And Mora shouldn’t be too concerned about Mack’s future since he has an insurance policy that would pay him $5 million if he’s not drafted in the 1st round.

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