Mike Wallace believes rookie Stefon Diggs could end up being better than him

stefon-diggs-nfl-preseason-oakland-raiders-minnesota-vikings-850x560Coming out of high school, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs was one of the top players in the county. But his time at Maryland didn’t go very well as he didn’t get to showcase how good of a player he is. After the Vikings selected him in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, Diggs was turning heads throughout the pre-season.After his performance against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, a fellow receiver has taken notice of Diggs’ ability. Mike Wallace believes that Diggs could end up being better than him.

“He could be better than me,’’ said Wallace, a seven-year veteran. “He’s young. When I came in (with Pittsburgh in 2009), I was playing well as a young guy, but I had one assignment: Beat them deep. Diggs is already running the full route treatment from Day 1.’’

“When I first got here, he reminded me of Antonio,’’ said Wallace, Brown’s teammate for three seasons. “I still stand by that, how quick he is and his motor and the routes he runs and just the way he prepares himself, man. He’s got so much energy and I love that. He can’t sit down. He’s always going full speed.’’

Wallace saying that he sees a lot of Brown in Diggs should get a lot of Vikings fans excited about the future. Diggs has always been a great talent, but now he is finally getting a chance to showcase it,

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