Lions fans create billboard to express their frustration with the missed call against Seahawks on Monday night

hi-res-61d9a04d6ca2960ff22a91aa02b1dc8e_crop_northThings certainly haven’t gone the way the Detroit Lions envisioned this season. The Lions are 0-4 and many believe that they will miss the playoffs this year. Their Monday night loss to the Seattle Seahawks still stings due to the missed call that cost the Lions the game. While the players were upset, they are trying to move on from the loss. But Lions fans are not ready to move on and created this billboard to express their frustration with the referees in their Monday night loss.




Even though the referees missed the call, the Lions still have to deal with the fact that they are 0-4 on the season. This billboard won’t change anything and really is just a waste of money.

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