Chris Jericho recalls the time he told Vince McMahon he will fly to Connecticut to punch him

chris-jericho-jacket-645x370In the professional wrestling world, there big bodies and huge egos. So when former professional wrestlers tell stories about what went on back in the day, it’s always entertaining. On and off wrestler Chris Jericho has been very successful both in the ring and out which sometimes doesn’t make World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon very happy. Jericho, who is celebrating 25 years as a professional wrestler spoke to Fox Sports and recalled the time he told McMahon that he will fly to Connecticut to punch him.

“The worst argument is when I got the job to host Downfall, the game show that I had to audition for quite a few times,” Jericho said. “I didn’t tell him, because I didn’t want him getting involved because sometimes the company will get involved and screw things up for you. [Laughs] And when I finally got the gig, I didn’t tell him, and it was on the front cover of The Hollywood Reporter, which he flipped out at. He forbid me from doing it, and I was going to do it. ‘No, you can’t.’ ‘Yes, I can.’ ‘Well, you’re fired.’ ‘You can’t fire me because I quit.’ ‘You can’t quit because you’re fired.’ ‘I’m going to fly to Connecticut to punch you in the face.’ ‘I’ll give you my address. I’ll be waiting.’ That sort of thing. We kind of just hung up on each other. We ended up working it all out, but that was the biggest actual argument.”

I love hearing these types of stories from wrestlers because it gives you insight on how McMahon was back them. Jericho was a top superstar at the time, so I’m not surprised that he got into that argument with the owner.

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