Carmelo Anthony wants Knicks coaches to hold him accountable for his mistakes

download (72)While many believe that the New York Knicks will be better this year, no one knows how much better just yet. The Knicks have looked pretty good doing the pre-season, but you can’t put too much stock in that. Going into the regular season, star forward Carmelo Anthony is taking on the leadership role that many have wanted him to do for years. Anthony also wants the Knicks coaching staff to hold him moreĀ accountable for his mistakes.

“Call it out in the film session so everybody can see that and hear that. By them doing that, it kind of forces me to be at the top level of my game on both ends of the court,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 94-88 preseason victory over the Sixers on Monday. “I think it brings the best out of me and if you bring the best out of me, I think it will bring the best out of everyone on the team.”

“It’s more of a collective unit,” Anthony said. “… We’re just sitting down with [members of the coaching staff and video department] and sitting down with players on the team kind of going through different scenarios, different situations and just kind of wanting to be held accountable out there.”

I haven’t heard Anthony talk like this in a long time and it is refreshing to hear. This is good to hear if you are a Knicks fan that Anthony is finally stepping into the role as the leader of the team.



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