Byron Scott doesn’t care about the Lakers having tired legs during the pre-season

byron-scott-nba-los-angeles-lakers-new-orleans-pelicans2-850x560The Los Angeles Lakers on paper look like they have a team that could compete for a playoff spot this season. But that would mean that their players will have to stay healthy throughout the season. Head coach Byron Scott is already receiving criticism for the amount of minutes some of his players are playing in the pre-season. Scott believes the Lakers will be most one of the best conditioned teams in the league and doesn’t care about tired legs during the pre-season.

“I don’t necessarily care about tired legs in preseason,” Scott said. “I think everything that we’ve done thus far will pay off at the end of the day. You’ve got some guys that might have tired legs and [are] a little worn out, but all the running as far as getting into that physical condition that we need to get into, I think in December and January, it will pay off.

“So I’m not necessarily worried about guys having tired legs in preseason. They’ll just have to kind of fight through that fatigue part of it. And I think mentally it gets them a little stronger anyway.”

Scott has that old school mind frame and believes fighting through fatigue will help this team in the long run. I don’t think playing your top players big minutes in the pre-season is a good idea. Scott better hope this works or he could find himself on the hot seat.

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