Brandon Weeden says he doesn’t need 12 year olds on Twitter telling him how to play quarterback

images (80)Dallas Cowboys fans knew that it was going to be a tough when quarterback Tony Romo went down with an injury. Backup quarterback Brandon Weeden gave everyone hope in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he has been terrible since then. That has led to acriticism that Weeden just doesn’t care to listen to. When Weeden was asked about the criticism he has received, he says he doesn’t need trolls on Twitter telling him how to play quarterback.

“I remember everybody that always talked crap, they never had a picture of themselves. It was some cartoon or something, and it was always probably a 12 year old kid that damn sure never played quarterback, and damn sure never played quarterback in the NFL. I don’t need that kid telling me, ‘What the hell you thinking throwing to this guy?’ I don’t need that.

“I’m 32 years old. I don’t need a 12 year old telling me how to play quarterback.”

It’s obvious that Weeden is frustrated, but that last comment about 12 year olds is pretty hilarious. Weeden needs to continue to block everything out because it’s only going to get worse for him.

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