Vice president of the LSU Alumni Association hopes Syracuse has enough alcohol to accommodate their fans

crazy-lsu-fansThis Saturday, the LSU Tigers will travel to New York to face the Syracuse Orange at 12 noon. While many don’t expect the Tigers to have any problems against the Orange, their fans have a different agenda . Jason Ramezan, who is the vice president of the LSU Alumni Association says he estimates 7,500 fans are coming to the game. Ramezan also wants to make sure that Syracuse has another alcohol to accommodate their fans.


LSU is coming. And it plans to drink this town dry.

Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and screwdrivers in the morning at the OnCenter, site of the pregame tailgate for traveling alumni.

“I’ve gone places in the past where they’ve run out (of alcohol),” Ramezan said.

Bourbon, Crown Royal, cranberry vodkas and beer during the tailgating at Skytop.

And, yes, Ramezan was aware of the beer and wine sales at the Carrier Dome.

“They might meet their alcohol budget for the year,” he said.


Well it sounds like Syracuse fans might be in for a long time on and off the field on Saturday. Hopefully things don’t get out of hand but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did though.

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