Report: Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks less than $1 million apart, calls them petty

kam-chancellor-011115-getty-ftrjpg_v3fb6oanw4221a9c61mtab3s2I don’t think anyone thought that the Seattle Seahawks and Kam Chancellor contract situation would go this far. With the regular season starting tonight, it doesn’t look Chancellor will play in the Seahawks season opener. While there are many reports on this situation, Dan Hellie of NFL Total Access on the NFL Network spoke to Chancellor on Wednesday. Chancellor says he and the Seahawks are less than $1 million apart and he also called the team petty as well.


“He told me he feels like this whole thing could be over by now. Kam says he has been willing to meet the Seahawks halfway. He says the two sides are less than a million dollars apart at this point. He actually used the term ‘petty.’

So, in a nutshell, he told me that he’s not asking for more money. He wants the money to be moved from the 2017 season to next season with no additional money this season. I said, ‘Hey Kam, what about redoing a contract that still has three years left?’ He told me he doesn’t want to wait until he’s almost 30.”


It’s pretty clear that Chancellor wants this thing to be over but believes that the Seahawks are being stubborn. They have good reason to because if they do this for him, another player down the road might try to do the same thing. It wouldn’t shock me if this is all over by next week.

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