Nick Saban submitted Ole Miss’s pop-pass touchdown to the SEC office

6_3880722Alabama Crimson Tide fans still can’t believe that they lost to the Ole Miss Rebels last Saturday night. There was a lot of things that Alabama did to hurt themselves in that game but one particular their coaching staff upset. The Rebels ran a pop-pass that lead to a touchdown that didn’t count at first. The referee thought that quarterback Chad Kelly cross the line of scrimmage before the threw the ball. After the review, the Rebels were awarded a touchdown was sent Alabama head coach Nick Saban into a frenzy. Now days later, Saban has submitted Ole Miss’s pop-pass touchdown to the SEC office.

“These plays get blocked just like running plays, and people are running down the field,” Saban said on the SEC coaches teleconference. “So it looks like a run, but somebody’s running out for a pass. Hey, we work on these plays, we should cover them, we know what the rules are. We have to execute and do it correctly, which we did not.

“It’s not about the rules or anything else, but if there was anything we’d look at, that’s what I would say we should look at.”

“We always submit, as coaches, things for the benefit of helping our officials do the best job they possibly can, which I know they want to do in a game,” he said. “We always get comments back, and they use those things to try to improve what they do. Some of this is a concern. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it better in the future. I think we have a lot of good people in charge of officiating that’ll do the best they can to get it right.”

It’s funny that Saban says that they submitted this so they can help the officials do a better job. But the fact is, this is the second time that Saban got burned with this play as Auburn did it in 2013. Saban just needs to move on and have his defense better prepared next time.

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