Montee Ball: “The lack of playing time caught me off guard”

NFL: Denver Broncos-MinicampWhen the Denver Broncos drafted Montee Ball, the expectation was for him to be their starting running back at some point. After three pre-season games, things have not gone according to plan for Ball and the Broncos. Last week,  Ronnie Hillman handled the duties in the first half and then shared the load with Juwan Thompson in the third quarter. Ball didn’t make his first appearance until the fourth quarter, which had many wondering what will be his role this season. Ball says he isn’t walking around with his head down, but the lack of playing time caught him off guard.


“I was expecting a lot more playing time,” Ball said. “It caught me off-guard, but my head’s not down. I’m going to keep it up and keep fighting.”

“It is tough because I feel like I really haven’t had the opportunities in these preseason games,” Ball said. “But there’s still one more left and I feel like I’ll have some playing time in this one, and I’ll show them what I can do.”


When a new coaching staff comes in, everyone outside of a few players have to prove themselves. Ball will have plenty of chances to impress the coaches on Thursday with all of the starters sitting out.

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