John Harbaugh to re-think the Ravens travel schedule after staying out in California backfired

bal-john-harbaugh-elaborates-on-his-stance-on--001The Baltimore Ravens find themselves in a position that they don’t want to be in after losing to the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. The Ravens are 0-2 and now are facing an uphill battle in the tough AFC North division. With the Ravens first two games were in California, head coach John Harbaugh thought it would be best if the team stayed out there instead of going back to Baltimore. With the team having another west coast trip next month, Harbaugh says he will re-think the Ravens travel schedule after staying out in California backfired.


“If we stay, it’ll be because us and the players feel like it’s the best thing. If we don’t, it’ll be because we’d rather get back here and be in our home confines. If it was a short week, it’d be a no-brainer to stay out there. When it’s a long week, it becomes a little bit of a decision.”


I’m sure Harbaugh didn’t think the Ravens would be in this position, but it’s obvious that he is concerned with the west coast trip next month. We’ll see how he handles this situation once it comes up next month.


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