DeSean Jackson says missing the pre-season played a part in his hamstring injury

deseanWashington Redskins fans were disappointed last Sunday after watching wide receiver DeSean Jackson leave the game with an injury. Jackson is currently dealing with a hamstring injury after coming up lame while trying to get free from Miami Dolphins defensive back Brent Grimes. Jackson says he is frustrated and is still trying to figure out what happened. But one thing is for sure, Jackson says missing the pre-season played a part in his hamstring injury.

“It probably had a little to do with it, just the heavy load as far as getting the reps and being able to be out there and run around to get my legs back in shape,” Jackson said.

“In the time I was given, I thought I did a good job of that, and it was just an awkward situation in the game, when I was running around [Miami cornerback Brent] Grimes and he reached for me and I tried to reach out of it and it just grabbed on me.”

Hamstring injuries are very tricky so a number of things could have caused Jackson’s injury. Redskins fans will just have to wait a few weeks for Jackson to return to the field.

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