David Stern caused a lot of confusion after some comments he made about FanDuel

david-sternIf you have watched the NFL or college football at any point this season, you have seen a lot of commercials about fantasy football. FanDuel and DraftKings are the notable commercials that I see on a regular basics baiting fans to join their site and win some money. While fantasy football is getting bigger by the minute, a former sports commissioner might have leaked some information that no one knew about. Former NBA commissioner David Stern did a Q&A with Forbes and talked his involvement with AlphaDraft. While discussing his involvement, Stern told Forbes that FanDuel has acquired AlphaDraft, which had a lot of people talking.

Heitner: It was reported that you participated in a $5 million financing round for fantasy eSports startup AlphaDraft.  What do you particularly like about that company within the eSports industry?

Stern: It was the first one that I had been introduced to in the eSports industry.  I sat with the founder – his passion, determination and his absolute certainty that eSports was upon us in a big way — a certainty that I share.  This was an early starter, almost a first mover, in fantasy for eSports, so I said I’m in.  I was not a significant part of the $5 million, I assure you, and they’ve been acquired by FanDuel.

Stern is a smart guy and I’m sure he knew what he was doing when he decided to let that out. We should expect a response from FanDuel in the next couple of days about Stern comments.

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